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The Best Breakfasts Before A Morning Workout

Are you ready to pump iron? Are you ready to run until you feel like vomiting? Oh yes, it’s workout day! But before you race out of the front door, you need to have a light but filling breakfast. Indeed it’s the most important meal of the day because it reignites your body’s flame. And yet it can’t be too heavy because you really will throw up during your workout. It has to have some key ingredients. It must be rich in carbohydrates, but the good kind only. It must have some sort of sugary boost. Finally, it must also have great taste. The days of eating flavorless protein bars are over. Great-tasting breakfasts boost your morale and make you want to workout even harder. You know you’re about to push yourself beyond your pain barrier, so the first thing to touch your lips should be satisfying.

A taste of Northern Ireland

Carbohydrates are our main source of fuel, so we need a breakfast that doesn’t skimp on this key nutritional building-block. But you also don’t want to wait for your breakfast to ‘set’ before you begin working out. You need it to quickly be digested and processed into usable glycogen. The humble potato farl is a fantastic breakfast for just this mission. All you need is to make some mashed potatoes, half smooth and half lumpy. Add some salt and pepper to taste and flatten out your mixture. Cut hand-sized squares and then cover each side with all-purpose flour. Gently smooth with a rolling pin.

Then lightly fry the squares in butter until lightly golden brown. Place them on a play and melt a little more butter over the top. You can have almost anything with a potato farl. If you’re not keen on adding butter, add a little apple sauce if you want to eat it like they do in Northern Ireland where it originates. It goes well with bacon and eggs or just on its own. It’s cheap and it’s filling, but it gives you a boost of energy.

Old but gold

The classic breakfast has survived for many years without alteration for a reason. Bacon and eggs are one of the best breakfasts for someone who is about to go to the gym. With the eggs, you have protein and fat and with the bacon, you have more protein and fat. If you’re on a keto diet or just restricting your carbs to lose weight rapidly, this is your number one option. If you’re in a hurry, eggs over easy are the best option. Bacon should be cooked right alongside your eggs. In fact, your rashers should be put into the hot pan first so you can limit the amount of fat you’re consuming. Otherwise, the bacon grease will be absorbed by the eggs. Looking for a unique twist? Consider trying a soft boiled egg air fryer recipe for a delightful and healthier alternative.

A fancier option for bacon and eggs would go something like this. Black Forest, thick cut back bacon, is one of Germany’s best products. To go with it, you should get free range large eggs as these will have the best flavor and the most fat in the yolks. Make an omelette with your eggs by adding chives, red onions, sweet charred red peppers and fried chestnut mushrooms. Don’t cut off any of the Blackforest bacon fat. Enjoy this rich hearty bacon and eggs breakfast before you workout.

A cleaner lighter way

In recent times, a cleaner lighter breakfast has emerged and it’s become so popular for a reason. Fruit and vegetable smoothies are packed full of natural sugars that give you that get-up-and-go. They are a superb alternative to coffee and caffeine-based supplements. There are tons of different green smoothie recipes, there’s almost nothing that you can’t throw into the juicer and make it taste good. 

Try a kiwi and lime smoothie if you would like a strong exotic taste. All you need is to peel some kiwis, apples and some white grapes. Blend all of these three together and then add in the juice of one lime. You can also add two tablespoons of low-fat yogurt to this because the liquid will be quite thin.  

The classic fresh berry smoothie is loved by athletes from around the world. Blend some raspberries, blueberries and strawberries together. Then add in kale or watercress to give the smoothie a bit of body. Squeeze the juice of one lemon into the smoothie and enjoy. 

This is a new one but it’s very yummy. Blend some blackberries with coconut mash or milk. Add in some low-fat vanilla yogurt or semi-skimmed milk and blend into smooth as possible. You should even add some dark chocolate shavings on top.

A cardio breakfast

If you’re going to be running a few miles early in the morning, you need something that is balanced and will help you breathe. Antioxidants are your best friend when it comes to cleaning your muscles of toxins and helping your muscles and skin be replenished with fresh oxygen. Start looking for Numedica supplements as they have a plethora of other valuable ingredients in their antioxidant recipe. Power Geens contains energizing phytonutrients that will prevent disease and illness, protecting your gut from the inside. The supplement also offers better support for adrenal fatigue which is caused by stress and an aching body. Cardio workouts cause these issues as you’re pushing to the limit of endurance. 

To go with this supplement, a flapjack will boost your long-term energy ability. Oats are a power food, giving you slow-burning energy which keeps you alert and pumps your body with all the energy it needs during a workout. Oats digest quickly as well, so a flapjack bar will digest quicker than most box cereals. Flapjacks with nice sugary chocolate pieces are a combination of short-term and long-term energy. 

Workout breakfasts have to be clearly thought out. You need food that won’t sit for too long in your stomach therefore it has to be somewhat light. Northern Irish potato farls with just a bit of butter is a cheap effective and energy-packed breakfast. A mixed berry smoothie along with a piece of dark chocolate would be another great breakfast for an early morning workout session.