Neff: Daily Beanies

Few remember the days where hats were worn with a utility purpose in mind. That’s right kids; gather round grandpa while he tells you tales of yesteryear.From the sombrero (derived from the Spanish word sambra meaning “shade”) to its northern counterpart, the cowboy hat and more recently the ball cap the idea was to provide protection from the sun. As hats have evolved in style so have they in usage, from shade to style, and it’s time we acknowledge this about the everyday beanie as well.

Neff Daily Beanie

If you’re going to be rocking the beanie daily look no further than Neff’s (appropriately named) Daily Beanie. Keep in mind that like your favorite fitted or snapback you’re wearing the Daily Beanie for style and nothing else. That being said, its lightweight material makes it great for year round wear and the color options (over 20) make it easy to match to your kicks. And priced at about $16 each there is no excuse for not being able to pick up a couple to mix into your everyday wardrobe.