It’s Better When They’re Perky

First things first, remove your mind from the gutter. What I’m talking about is the brand of Jerky known as Perky. Perky Jerky is advertised as the perfect food for athletes, adventurers, and anyone on the move. I wholeheartedly agree, and would add that it’s perfect for those with a refined palate.

Yes it’s jerky, which might not be a traditionally “gourmet” food (the lame truth), but let me tell you that it is every inch the artisan food. Perky Jerky has no msg and no preservatives, nothing but lean meat and flavor. It comes in beef and turkey (I challenge you to ask for Perky Turkey Jerky next time you’ve been drinking), and has flavors that fit every taste in both kinds. My favorite is the newest flavor to grace the tender strips of dried turkey a la Perky. The culinary creation of which I speak is their Jamaican Style, which plays on the flavors of traditional Carribean Jerked cooking. It’s spicy, with the exact right amount of sweetness to make a truly unique flavor experience.

I can’t sing the praises of Perky Jerky high enough. If you doubt me, you should know that I keep packs in my car; I even give it as gifts. Fruit basket? Nope, Perky basket. Seriously, the next time you have a hankering for jerky, or just a snack that you can feel good eating, grab some Perky. It’s all natural, all delicious, and we all know that Perkier is better.