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13 Ways To Spruce Up Your Car

If you are looking for a project to do this weekend, one of the best things you can do is find new ways to spruce up your car. Most of us have a car for commuting to work and traveling for leisure, and a lot of the time we can end up taking our car for granted, meaning it gets left months without a good wash or clean out. If you want to make the most out of your car and give it a revamp for your summer holidays, here are some of the things you can do.

Get Rid Of The Rubbish

First of all, it is inevitable that we will end up with some rubbish in the car. Whether it be paper tickets from parking machines, take away wrappers or bottles of water. Take some time this weekend to clear out the rubbish from the inside of your car, and don’t forget the glovebox! As soon as you are done your car will immediately feel much brighter and much newer than it was before.

Clean It

Although a car wash can be convenient, it will never be as good as if you clean the car yourself. If you have a couple of hours this weekend why not get yourself a bucket, water, and car shampoo and give the outside of your car a good scrub. If you’ve got a pressure washer you can use this to make sure the car stays clean and shiny, and wipe it to finish. Don’t forget to vac and dust the inside of your vehicle to get rid of any dirt, crumbs, and dust.

Wax It

Once you have washed the exterior of your car, one of the things you can look to do is wax it. Waxing your car not only makes it look brand new and shiny, but it also makes it harder for bugs to sit on your car as well as protecting it from bird pop and tree sap. It will allow your paintwork to stay in better condition for much longer.

Use Window Cleaner Inside

Keeping the windows of your car clean is as much about the inside as it is on the outside. Make sure to spray some window cleaner on the inside of your windows and use a squeegee to wipe it off, leaving you with clean and shiny windows which practically look invisible.

Reach Small Spaces

Every car has a lot of small awkward spaces which you simply can’t reach with a vacuum cleaner or a cloth. To clean areas such as your cup holders and the area next to your seat, you can wrap a baby wipe around the head of a screwdriver and reach in to wipe the dirt away.

Add A Great Smell

When you are cleaning your car, the best way to finish off the job is to bring in an air freshener to make your car smell amazing. If you love the smell of candles, Yankee Candle car air fresheners come in many different flavors to suit anyone’s taste. You can hang them underneath your mirror and they will make a cute addition to your car.

Use A Peg Bag

You might be wondering what a peg bag could possibly do in your car, but it can actually be a really helpful tool for when you are shopping during the week. If you are used to placing your shopping in the backseat of the car, you might be familiar with the sound of everything falling out onto the floor. To stop this happening, hang a peg bag at the back of your seat and put the shopping in there. It makes less mess and is easier to organize.

Use A Plastic Crate

If storing the shopping in the backseat isn’t your thing, you can do just as well by placing some collapsible plastic trays in the trunk and using these to store your shopping or your car essentials. It will make life much easier when bringing shopping into the house because you can simply carry the tray inside. The great thing about using a collapsible tray is the fact that you can easily fold them down when you need to fit something large in the car.

Use A Phone Mount

If you don’t have a Sat Nav and you often find yourself needing directions on your phone, you can buy a phone mount to keep your phone in your sight and be able to drive hands free. There are two different types of mount you can buy: one is a magnetic mount which you hook onto the air conditioning vents, and the other is a rubber sucker which mounts onto the front window.

Upgrade The Sound System

If you have a car and you love to belt out tunes when you go on a road trip, why not spend some money and upgrade your speaker system? Companies like Bose will offer amazing car stereo systems which offer surround sound and a great bass level.

Add a Personal Touch

If you think your car is looking a little bit plain and boring, one of the things you can do to spruce it up is adding a few personal touches. If you love teddy bears, bring one or two into the car. If you are a huge fan of a certain franchise you can find car decals which can be stuck to your rear window for fun. You can also buy an aerial topper in your favorite character or animal. You can even have the seat covers changed to your favorite color for extra character. The possibilities are endless.

Make It Cosy

If you often take on long journeys with your family, you will want to make sure that a car is a place where everyone feels comfortable and where everyone can sleep if they need to. To do this you can bring cushions and pillows from home and even look into neck pillows if everyone wants to stay sat upright in the car. It will give your car a lovely warm atmosphere and make sure that everyone can have the best road trips together

Keep Snacks Handy

For any driver who wants to make their own mark on their vehicle, one of the biggest things you can do to make the car more comfortable and cozy for long trips is to bring snacks and drinks into the car. Of course, you won’t be eating and drinking while driving, but it is always good to have good and drink there if you need a break. If you don’t know what good to bring with you, you need something which will last for a long time in the vehicle and also something which is resistant to the heat. This rules out chocolate, so the best thing you can store is crisps and sweets, and even nuts for extra fun.

There are the top things you can do with your car to spruce it up and make it feel brand new. There are of course lots of ways to upgrade your vehicle, so you can spend as little or as much time on it as you like. Don’t forget to check your oil levels, screenwash levels, and your tires once everything else is done to keep your car running smoothly! It will feel as if you are driving straight out of the showroom when you next get behind the wheel.