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5 Innovative Tips To Enhance Your Car Safety

Buying a car is one of the greatest and biggest investments you would make. In addition to the cost, your car makes life easier and less expensive. This is why it is no wonder that a survey conducted by ValuePenguin showed that 91.3% of households across America owned at least one car. It is important to implement various measures to protect your car like any other investment. Here are some innovative and effective car security measures you should consider to protect your car. 

Close your windows and lock your doors

This seems like a basic security measure, but you’d be surprised to know how easy it is to forget to do so! Leaving your windows and doors opened makes your vehicle an easy mark for intruders. Be sure to double-check your windows before exiting the car and double-check your doors (all of them) before walking away. You should also avoid the temptation of leaving your car running to “make a quick stop.” This simply makes it easier for the thief to abscond with your vehicle.

Get the right insurance 

Insurance is great for numerous reasons, and one of them is its ability to protect you from car theft. By insuring your car, you make monthly payments towards protecting your car should the worse happen. If your car is stolen, your insurance coverage can help your insurer (with the help of police) find your vehicle. In other cases, a car insurance cover can also give you the advantage of receiving money once you have made a claim on your stolen car. This can help you in buying a replacement. When buying an insurance plan, be sure to scout for plans that offer coverage for car theft. Fortunately, several affordable insurance plans, such as Metromile’s pay per mile car insurance plan, offer such coverage.

Hide valuables

You might think that your phone, laptop, and other valuables are safe in your car. However, this may not always be the case. Not all thieves break into your car to steal it. Instead, they are more interested in the valuables left in plain sight. Therefore, it is advisable to take your valuables with you when exiting your car. If that isn’t possible, hiding them under the car seat or in the trunk would be safe. 

Park diligently 

Where you park your car can make it vulnerable to auto criminals. Parking in obscured and dark places only makes your car an easy target. It is advisable to park in well-lit areas and spots that passers-by can see. This acts as a deterrence for thieves as they can easily be seen and caught.

Invest in auto-theft systems

Most cars are designed with pre-installed auto-theft systems such as car alarms. If your car alarm is faulty or isn’t as loud as intimidating, you should fix it. Car alarms startle thieves from carrying out their crimes. However, it is advisable to invest in other anti-theft systems such as GPS tracking devices to find your car if it’s stolen or a steering wheel lock to make the thief’s job a lot more tedious.