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Are Russian Mail Order Brides Actually Any Good?

The worldwide popularity of online dating proves that traditional dating is dead. And despite so many rumors and complaints about Russian mail order brides, western guys keep looking for them, paying for dating services, and bringing these brides to their countries. How did Russian mail order brides become a thing? Are they really any different from their American counterparts? Let’s try to see and learn the truth about brides from Russia.

Why are there so many Russian women on dating sites?

Let’s be honest — Russia is the largest country in the world with a large population. Naturally, it has plenty of single and beautiful women, and some of these are looking to date foreign men. There is nothing wrong with this, and many people want to arrange a life outside of their birth country.

No, that doesn’t mean Russian mail order brides are materialistic or gold-diggers. It only means they are looking for decent men. The average Russian man is quite different from the average western one. This decision is quite wise and moreover, very beneficial for western guys looking for beautiful Slavic women with wonderful family values. 

Why do western men prefer Russian mail order brides?

russian mail order brides

This question can be discussed and argued upon endlessly. Lots of people would say that Russian brides are very beautiful and this alone makes them so desirable for western men. Are they the only beautiful women on Earth? What about Asian women or amazing Scandinavian blondes? All of them are beautiful and sometimes even more beautiful than Russian women, aren’t they? 

Why then, do men strive to date and marry Russian mail order brides? The reasons are a bit more complicated:

  • They think that 100% of Russian women want to marry foreign men
  • Russian women do not require as much investment as spoiled American girls
  • Women from Russia are great wives and mothers

These preconceptions are not necessarily true though, this is just what western guys think about Russian mail order brides. However, these are just stereotypes and there is not much truth in it. Let’s try to analyze these myths below.

Not all Russian women want to marry foreigners

The percentage of Russian women you see on foreign dating sites is just a small percentage of all Russian women. Therefore, thinking that all Russian girls are willing to date and marry western men is foolhardy. After all, many of them prefer dating and marrying their local men. 

If you are one of those guys who believe all Russian men are alcoholics and losers who cannot provide for their families and regularly beat their wives, you should stop reading primitive dating forums. These are the myths created by scammers to make western guys believe they are desired above all else.

In fact, Russian mail order brides are regular women who want to marry decent men no matter where they come from. Some of them consider foreign men while others prefer staying in their country and marrying local men. 

Russian mail order brides require investment just like American girls

There is one more common belief created by outdated rumors that Russian women are cheap compared to American girls. That is not true at all. All women require wooing and Russian mail order brides are not an exception. They do not want to date men who cannot even provide for their women. 

Who will want to marry someone too greedy to pay for dates, trips, and her needs? If you are looking for a mail order bride from Russia just because you don’t want to have to romance anyone, then you’d better stop because you’ll be surprised by how much investment they require. 

They are great wives and moms

Russian family values are strong. Slavic roots make them unique wives and moms. But of course Russia is a huge country with plenty of different nationalities. All of them have their family values. Some are great wives while others are not very good ones.

Moreover, modern Russian women pay a lot of attention to their careers. In this aspect, are not very different from their western peers. Many are not in a hurry to get married and have kids. However, once they marry and have babies, you will hardly find better moms and more caring mothers. These girls can easily maintain a healthy balance between their families and careers. If you want to learn more about Russian mail order brides, dating women from other countries, or just get more relationship tips from experts, try visiting Datingserviceusa.