Glenmorangie Original Scotch Whiskey

Before I started my illustrious [Read: expensive daycare] college career at Quinnipiac University (go Bobcats!) I dated a pretty, yet ho-hum girl who took a while to open up. She was great, and fun, but her personality was clouded in a veil of self-doubt. The problem was she needed some time to find out who she was and what she wanted.

The Glenmorangie 10 Year Old that’s sitting in front of me is a reminder of her. For me at least, this Glenmo right out of the bottle didn’t have the complexity I was looking for; or maybe the adult in me was looking for feelings, while the young adult with her was looking for something quicker. Anyway, I removed the amber liquid from the original bottling and put it in my favorite decanter (yes, I have a preferred decanter) to sit for the night. Try holding back on drinking scotch when you know it’s sitting on the liquor cabinet.

I wanted to find if this relationship would be worth the wait, but unlike my personal life, my alcohol relations have a longer shelf life.

glenmorangie 10 year old original whiskey

Things to know: Though this is the least expensive and youngest single malt in the family’s lineup, it’s aged beyond its years. Maturing for 10 years in bourbon casks from good ole Missouri, “The Original” is anything but too young for its own good. It’s a symbiotic relationship with the scotch from the Highlands and the American cask.

Nose: Strong alcohol, and fumy pungency hit first immediately after the pour. Once that initial release settles, there is a faint wine aroma. Then I got a hint of honey graham crackers. Maybe it was the alcohol talking but the Glenmo opened up quite easily.

Taste: Vanilla with a sour splash of flavor and complexity. My tongue isn’t as matured as it should be to decipher the complete profile. But there is no wincing or overwhelming flavors, which could—with some scotches—make for a forceful drinking experience, instead of a pleasurable one.

Finish: This is as smooth as you’ll get with a single malt. Once you develop the taste on your tongue, the rest is history. Either neat or with a cube, it’s a pleasant drinking experience that only makes the next glass that much more worth the wait.

Total value: For a bottle with this much taste and enjoyment for roughly $45 on average, the Glenmorangie Original can either be a quick pickup for a weekend or an esteemed bottle which can sit on your shelf for months to come.

P.S.: If you’re looking for a killer gift for the important people in your lives, Glenmorangie and Thomas Pink have joined forces for the ‘perfect pairings’ sets of Glenmorangie scotch and Thomas Pink shirting. Three options are available at and you can purchase your choice of pairing. And just think, no one will know that you didn’t choose the exceptionally crafted gifts separately and on your own.