A Watch With Presence

I’ll be honest – I love big watches.  They fit me better, can set the tone of my outfit, and just having the weight of a classy timepiece on my wrist is comforting.  I have tried the lightweight watches out there, and aside from the titanium ones I own, I tend to avoid the cheaper feeling watches.  To me, it becomes about the perceived value, a sense of weight in gold, when it comes to the next piece of jewelry.

But I’ve never had a watch like the LAPIZTA ADDAX, and when it was delivered to me in the biggest watch box I have ever seen, I knew I was in for something different. The air of curiosity was there, wanting to see all that was inside this modern day treasure box.

Often times, the unboxing experience with a watch is simple.  A hinged box opens to reveal a snug pillow and the time piece.  This was far more grand with a textured box holding a wooden box, measuring maybe 8 inches on each side.  The wooden box then opens, and sitting neat in the middle as if on its own thrown is the watch.  Right away, it has presence, gravitating me towards wearing it, but wanting to respect it and not be hasty.

That’s the ironic part.  Here I was, looking at a watch with a tire tread themed band, designed by a company that is making one of the biggest impacts in the motorsports scene with brand ambassadors on both 2 and 4 wheels racing all over the world.  This watch was made to be worn by someone in the fast lane, pushing their lives of sport to the extreme, and I wanted to not be hasty.  A big of a hindsight thought, but when you look at all the watches available from LAPIZTA, you realize they are not for the everyday collector, but the lover of the extreme.  With a mixture of colors, textures, weights, and materials, every part of the timepiece felt thought out, perfected, tested, and perfected even more.  It represented the high-end vehicles of the LAPIZTA racers, refined and tuned to absolute peak performance.

So here was this watch, a behemoth of a timepiece, rock solid and wrapped around my wrist, ready for whatever lay ahead.  I wore it to functions with a casual outfit, and out for a spirited drive in the mountains, as well as to dinner during our infamous restaurant week.  It was noticed everywhere, especially around the motorsports fans.  Comments, accolades, and compliments were paid to the watch and brand itself.  It’s at this point that I realized it was more than the presence, but the sense of heritage that came with it.  When a brand grows so closely with extreme sports, just as GoPRO and Red Bull have done, they tend to get noticed even when attempting to be subtle.  Well, I won’t say the ADDAX was being subtle, nor is it a word that should ever be used to describe it, but it wasn’t screaming for attention.

Just as a classy gentlemen wearing a simple, classic suit would be noticed when walking into a room, this watch has the same presence to it.  You knew from its weight and build that it could take the beating of any extreme sport, to fall with you as you jumped out of the plane or survive a deep dive.  This is no ordinary watch, but one made to go fast, to be respected, to have a presence about it that others only wish they could.  Classy, clean, unique – this watch became an instant favorite.  The weight was barely noticeable, something that backed both the presence and the value without being ostentatious.  It felt right.

So do you need a Lapizta ADDAX?  Well, yes.  You wear it, you feel the presence.  Your adrenaline picks up and you want to go anywhere, everywhere.  There is something about it that just inspires activity, speed, and action, and for that feeling alone, I will say it’s one I look forward to wearing again very soon, to be apart of the future motorsport legacies.