Guys, It’s Time to Elevate Your Style

Guys, looking to improve your fashion sense and take you style to the next level? Here are a few simple tips that will have you looking even more amazing in no time at all.

Choose quality over quantity

It can be tempting to fill your wardrobe with lots of different clothing options, but if you’re doing so by sacrificing quality for quantity, you might want to think again. Why? Because cheap clothes tend to fit less well, wash worse and…well basically look cheaper than more expensive options. Quality clothes fit well, use the best materials, and last a whole lot longer. They make you look and feel good, and even if you have fewer options to choose from overall, they ensure that you always look amazing. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a suit, but by buying the best you can afford, you can very easily elevate your style.

Focus on grooming

If there’s one thing that will elevate your style faster than anything else –  yes even faster than those designer shirts – it’s stepping up your grooming game. If you do little more than shave and slap on some cologne in the morning, you aren’t doing enough. The most stylish men know how to moisturize; they know how to take good care of their hair and style it with organic pomade; they spend time caring for their whole body and it makes their clothes look even better. Be like them and really start looking after your self.

Quality leather shoes are a must

Unless you’re a vegan, if you’re serious about elevating your style, you’re going to want to invest in a seriously good pair of leather shoes – Italian is always good. They say you can judge a man by his shoes and if yours are cheap, dirty and falling apart at the seams, how do you think you will be judged?

As well as ensuring you always look great, a classic pair of leather shoes will also help to keep you comfortable and complement all but the most casual outfits. They are an investment – one that you really should make.


A lot of guys think that accessorizing is a girl thing, but it’s a great way to take any man’s outfit to the next level too. Think a well-placed Fuschia pocket square in a crips black suit or an impressive watch worn with a casual shirt and jeans. Accessories allow you to add more personality and flair to your outfit and they will get you noticed.

Take care

Taking good care of your clothing is vital if you always want to look good. Clothes that are cleaned, hung, and pressed correctly will always look better on you than those that are not looked after well. This means also paying attention to the care labels – yes it might be more effort, but it’ll be worth it when you lo9ok like you’ve just stepped off a catwalk.

Be confident

Of course, the best way to elevate your style is to wear it with confidence. If you look and act confident, whatever you’re wearing, you’ll wear it well and look great.