8 Must-Have Men’s Style Accessories to Complete Your Look

OK men, listen up. Ladies aren’t the only ones who are expected to spice up their outfits with jewelry, watches, and other accessories. Men need to start putting a bit more effort in the accessory department. The right accessories are the cherry, the hot fudge, the whipped cream, and the sprinkles on top. Without a few key accessories, your outfits won’t look complete. 

So keep reading. We’re going to let you know the scoop on 8 must-have men’s style accessories that will elevate your style from a “Mark Zuckerberg” to a “Harry Styles” if you know what we mean. 

1. Trusty Shades

Sunglasses have long been a symbol of masculinity. Shades add a “cool factor” to your outfit while also keeping things timeless and classic.

As with many accessories, sunnies can be customized to fit each individual outfit and each individual style. If you’re more of a classic guy, consider Ray Bans or Aviators.

If you like to push the envelope with your style, check out the latest tiny sunglasses trend.

Get a few different pairs to go with different outfits and styles. You can also add even more accessories with patterned croakies or classy glasses chains.

2. A Classy Watch

When you’re dressing to impress, complete your look with a high-end (or at least a high-end-esque) classy watch. This will bring your look up a few notches.

Gucci, TAG Heuer Connected, and Rolex are all top name watch brands that offer sleek luxury watches. However, if you don’t want to shell out the big bucks, there are plenty of affordable watches that mimic the style of these luxury brands.

3. A Sporty Watch

You don’t want to break out the Rolex for a trip to the beach or on a hike. For more casual outfits, a classy watch is going to look odd. 

Instead, invest in a sporty casual watch. Retro styles are on trend right now with bright colors and classic Cassio options matching most men’s styles.

You can also get more casual watches that allow you to switch the watch bands/straps so you’ll be able to match it with many more outfits.

4. Weekend Bag

A purse is to a woman as a weekend bag is to a man. While men can (and do!) use purses, not all men want to. If that sounds like you, consider a weekend bag.

These bags are classically masculine and are dead useful. They usually come in classic black or brown leather, but you can find other colors and materials. They’re great for weekend getaways (as you might’ve been able to guess), trips to the gym, or even just as an everyday bag.

They also add sophistication to your look that a backpack or a duffel bag can’t.

5. Funky Socks

For this tip, remember that “funky” is a subjective term depending on each individual guy.

If you’re classic and traditional with your clothes (suit to work every day, button-up shirts, chino pants, etc), then “funky” could simply mean some stripes or classy polka dots on your dress socks.

If you’re more into streetwear or hipster styles, then “funky” is going to mean neon colors, crazy patterns, funny quotes, etc. 

Whatever the case, having a bit of fun with your socks is going to add some flair to your outfit.

6. Money Clip

We’re not going to tell you to get a wallet because there’s a 0.0001% chance you don’t already have one. However, a money clip is something that many men forget about but should consider adding to their accessory collection.

You don’t always need to carry around a full wallet, and a money clip adds a sophisticated sleekness to your ensemble.

7. Caps

Caps, ballcaps, hats, lids, baseball hats, etc. Whatever you call it, you need a few in your accessory collection.

Bad hair day? Throw on your favorite sports team’s hat. 

Streetwear outfit? A snapback will complete the look.

A day out on the water? A khaki cap and boat shoes will have people thinking you’re a Kennedy.

You can also venture into different types of hats. Berets, fedoras, beanies, bucket hats, etc. Each of these will fit a different style, so be sure to do your research before you pair a bucket hat with a suit or a fisherman’s beanie with a preppy outfit.

8. Rings

We saved rings for last because we know that more than a few men are going to balk at the idea of wearing jewelry besides a wedding band. But men’s rings are huge right now.

Look to Hollywood, if you don’t believe us. Harry Styles, Robert Downey Jr, Jay-Z, and Steven Tyler have all been spotted rocking multiple rings at one time.

You can go simple with plain silver or black bands or go all out with chunky gemstones or uber masculine wood rings. As with the socks, this will depend on your individual style along with the outfit you’re wearing. 

For example, your business suit won’t go well with five rings on each hand. That would call for a simple band. But your music festival outfit would look much better with a few chunky rings compared to the simple band look you has with the suit.

As you might’ve noticed throughout the article, we make it clear that these 8 men’s style accessories are must-haves, but there’s also a lot of room for your own personal choice and style.

We’re not going to sit here and tell you that you must have a specific watch style or a specific brand of socks. Fashion is meant to show off your personal style, so take these accessory guidelines and make them your own!

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