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Handy Items That Will Help Seniors Stay Safe

In this modern time, it comes as no surprise that handy items for seniors are becoming more popular. You can help seniors stay safe by alleviating their worries such as assistance with day-to-day living and their safety concerns.

Apart from that, their mental health and physical health needs adequate monitoring just in case an accident should occur.   

There are many products available that make life easier for the elderly — to ensure they stay safe at all times.

Deciding what item to get for them might be difficult but you can always ask them what they would need or love to have. This would give you ideas on what they need at that very moment. Don’t be surprised, however, if you get weird responses like ‘nothing love or I am okay.

Irrespective of the response you get, you want them to be safe so there’s no stopping you. 

Below are a few suggestions of handy items that might just be very helpful for the elder ones at home. 

Showering Chair

You do not want to risk your senior one’s life by not providing a tool that can prevent them from falling and possibly ending up in the hospital. Showering is a relaxing cleansing act.

Get them a shower chair or bath chair if you want to increase their safety by decreasing the chance of them falling. Create a secure area in a slippery shower or bath, and make use of non-slip safe slippers. Shower Chairs and Bath chairs are especially useful for those that are in wheelchairs or anyone who finds movement painful or difficult.

Seniors should not have to do a balancing act while showering. Showering chairs are indispensable for those who have difficulty maintaining their balance or for those who can’t stand for a long time.

A Smartphone

A smartphone is a necessity for helping seniors stay safe even though it might be difficult for them to operate. With a smartphone, they will be able to stay in touch with family, order cabs, or place emergency calls whenever they want.

They can also use the phone’s assistant to write out full-text message responses and have the phone read their texts aloud.

Some smartphones will even translate a voicemail into text so the senior can read the message instead of listening to it with a large screen which makes it easier for them to view things without straining their eyes. 

 A Medication Dispenser

A medical dispenser can assist an elderly person by reducing the risk of accidental overdosing (or underdosing) when a member of the family isn’t unavailable to assist them. 

It also helps in decreasing the risk of an avoidable medical complication that usually leads to unintentional hospitalizations that might want to arise. It also helps the senior loved ones maintain their independence. 

Smart Lighting

Light is important for everyone at home, as this brings about safety and keeps us from any home accident. Smart lighting will do more good than harm to the seniors as this will prevent them from falling or from having any other kind of injuries related to darkness.

Besides, you will also save them from any sort of fear in the dark, as this will allow them to move freely in the home, without having any fear.

Another good thing about smart lights is they can be turned on with their smartphone app using a voice command. 

Having an easy way to turn on the light before getting up from the couch or getting out of bed at night without having to stumble toward is a necessary luxury they need. 

Walking Cane Or Walking Stick

Walking aids can help maintain a better body posture, prevent cramping, muscle strain, and joint injuries for the Seniors. 

At a time when they may need assistance to walk or move from one place to another, taking the help of a walking cane or walking stick can make life much easier for them, while also making them feel independent and confident.

One good thing about the walking cane is its foldability making it to be conveniently stored in a purse or bag. 

Most elderly ones hate being a burden or liability on others. That is why getting them items that come in handy in their everyday life is necessary.

Most of these suggestions are easy to incorporate into any home. Even though it would take a lot of time for them to get used to it, they are always worth it to help seniors stay safe.