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7 Things You Should Remember To Do After An Accident

No one ever expects to be in an accident, but if you unfortunately are, there are a few things you should remember to do afterwards. According to a recent report, motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of personal injury claims in North America. Therefore, remembering to do these 7 things after an accident may help you if you need to make a claim later on. We will discuss each and every one of them thoroughly in this blog post. We will also discuss some mistakes people make when they are in this situation. So, whether you have been involved in a vehicular accident, or any other type of personal injury, here are 7 things you should remember to do after an accident.


When people face a traumatic experience such as an accident, they often make mistakes which can lead to further complications. Some of these mistakes include not taking photos of the scene and any damage caused, not getting medical attention immediately after the accident, leaving the scene of the accident before exchanging insurance details with other parties involved and providing inaccurate or false information on a police report. In order to avoid these mistakes after a truck accident, you should read the advice listed down below. Also, make sure to take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the relevant laws in your state regarding this topic.

1. Take Deep Breaths and Remain Calm 

The first thing to do is take a few deep breaths and try to stay calm. Being in an accident can be emotionally overwhelming, but it’s important that you remain as composed as possible so that you can respond to any questions or instructions from law enforcement. Taking deep breaths and counting to three can help you remain calm in this situation.

2. Call the Police 

The next thing you should do is call the police, even if it’s a minor accident with no visible damage or injury. The police will be able to document all of the details of the accident and provide you with an official report which may come in handy later on, if needed. 

3. Exchange Information  

Make sure to exchange contact and insurance information with any other parties involved in the accident, including witnesses if there are any present at the scene. Make sure to get as much detail as possible from each person including their full name, address, and insurance policy number. 

4. Take Photos 

Be sure to take pictures of the accident scene, any property damage, and your injuries if you have any visible ones. This will come in handy later on when filing an insurance claim or a personal injury lawsuit if needed. 

5. Get Medical Attention 

It’s important to get medical attention whether you think you are injured or not. Even if there is no visible sign of injury, it’s possible that you may be suffering from some type of internal trauma which can only be identified by a qualified medical professional. Also, make sure to follow all the instructions provided by your doctor in order to ensure a speedy recovery.  

6. Keep Track of All Expenses 

It is important to keep track of all the expenses related to the accident including medical bills, lost wages, and any other out-of-pocket expenses. This will come in handy if you decide to file an insurance claim or a personal injury lawsuit. Make sure to save all your receipts and documents for proof of your losses. 

7. Contact Your Insurance Company 


The last thing you should do is contact your insurance company and inform them about the accident. They will help guide you through the entire process of filing a claim so that you can get compensation for your losses as soon as possible. Additionally, they will also help you understand the coverage of your policy and any other legal questions that may arise. For example, if you were in an accident with an uninsured driver, your insurance company will be able to help you figure out how to proceed. 

These are just some basic guidelines that everyone should remember when faced with an accident. It’s important to stay calm, take photos and exchange information with any other parties involved in the accident, get medical attention right away, and keep track of all your expenses related to the accident. Also, don’t forget to contact your insurance company as soon as possible so that you can start the process of filing a claim. Following these steps will help you get the compensation that you deserve and make sure that the entire process runs as smoothly as possible.