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How To Cope With Being Off Work Due To Illness Or Injury

Dealing with an illness or injury isn’t always easy, especially when it takes you away from work. Being unable to work can take its toll on your finances, mental health and feelings of stability, which can sometimes make your problems worse. Whether you’re going to be off work for a short amount of time or an extended period, it’s important to take care of yourself so that you can recover fully. 

Here are some things you can try to help you cope with being off work due to illness or injury, so that you can get back on your feet.

Follow any medical advice given

When you’re dealing with an illness or injury that takes you away from work, you’ll likely want to get over it as soon as possible so that you can return – especially if you have limited sick pay. But in these situations, it really is a case of the doctor knows best. Follow any medical advice you’re given to help you ensure a fast and effective recovery, and be sure to take the time to rest. 

Seek out financial help

Being unable to work can take its toll on your finances, and many people rely on their savings to get them through a period of illness. But when that’s not possible, you can explore other options to help you at this time. If your illness or injury happened at work, you may want to find a construction accident lawyer who can advise you on any compensation you may be entitled to. You could also seek advice from your bank or any lenders you may have, who may be able to make an arrangement to ease the pressure during your period of illness. 

Alternatively, discuss your situation with your employer. They may be able to change your duties or allow you to work from home during this time so that you can continue to work during your recovery.

Keep busy and focus on your mental wellbeing

Work can give you a purpose and help you stay in a routine, so being out of it can leave you feeling a little lost. It’s important to stay focused on your mental wellbeing at this time, finding ways to keep busy and lift your mood. You may find an activity at home that you enjoy, such as gardening or cooking, which is a great way to boost your mental health

If you are struggling, make sure you talk to someone. From your doctor to your manager, it will benefit you to have some additional support at this time.

Don’t return to work before you’re ready

While it may be tempting to return to work as soon as possible, you should wait until you’re truly ready. Returning to work too soon could make an illness or an injury worse, meaning you stay off work for longer than originally planned. When you are ready to return, build your way up to it with a phased return, and build a routine that works for you. Things will get easier over time, helping you fit back into the workplace. 

Dealing with an injury or illness can be challenging, but you will overcome this period of your life. Remember, it’s not often you get to be off work, so try to enjoy it as much as you can while you get back on your feet.