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Essential Car Maintenance That Owners Should Never Overlook

When you buy a vehicle, you have to maintain it well to perform better on the roads and last longer. As a driver, you have to understand the vehicle parts and know which ones require servicing and which ones do not. Unfortunately, most new owners overlook car maintenance until their vehicle breaks down and they have to call a mechanic. Not taking care of your car can lead to it stalling or, worse, getting you into an accident. While the mechanic can service and repair the vehicle, the car owner must check the essential parts and ensure they are in good condition. Here are some important things car owners should never overlook.

Brake system and pads

You already understand how important the brakes are in any vehicle. Without them working well, you might crash into other cars or hit pedestrians on the road. A car without proper functioning brakes is hard to control on the road. You need to ensure your braking system and brake pads are in good order at all times. In line with a brake specialist in Perth, you should have the brakes changed or checked when they wear out or have issues, respectively. Your brakes should be working efficiently and must handle your car well, even during emergencies. When you feel a squealing pad, grinding, or other inconveniences, it’s time to have the brake issue sorted. 

Windshield wipers

How do you often check on your vehicle windshield wipers? Wipers are the simplest things to change, yet overlooked in many car maintenance shedules. Wipers help drivers a lot, especially when driving in the rain. They help in removing water drops and fog, thus improving visibility. Most people will wait until they see scratches or hear a squeaking sound on the windshield for them to change the wipers. You don’t have to wait until your windshield is scratched by the wiper metallic parts. Ensure the rubber blades, which come into contact with the glass, are replaced regularly or as per their use. Experts recommend changing the same during fall or spring.

Check engine light

As a driver, you have to understand what the engine light means and the action to take when it’s on. Most car owners will overlook the engine light as long as the vehicle is moving. Engine light might mean a minor problem or issues with your car engine systems. When you don’t address this early, it might lead to huge damages to your vehicle.

When the wear is excess, this will mean incurring huge bills in repairing the car. Immediately you notice the check engine light is on, rush to your mechanic or a vehicle diagnosis center and find out what’s wrong with your vehicle. This will also allow you to deal with the issue at the early stages, thus lower repair costs. 

Worn out tires

Most car owners don’t get concerned with the tires as long as they are inflated and moving the vehicle. You will see some cars with worn-out tires, some of which are very bad in shape. It won’t be a pretty sight when you are driving, and your vehicle tires don’t correspond to what you want it to do, including having an emergency stop. While tires can move even when worn out, you have to get concerned with the treads. The treads help the tires grip on the road and maneuver your vehicle well. When these tires are won out, they can easily burst or slide in case of braking, thus causing accidents. Ensure they are replaced as soon as the treads fizzle out.   

Changing air and fuel filters

When did you last change your car air and fuel filter? Most car owners overlook the air and oil filters ending up having inefficient vehicles. There is no specific time for changing your oil and air filters. It all depends on your driving habits, the make of these devices, and your location. If you drive your vehicle regularly, you need to change these filters regularly, as per the mileage or as scheduled. The changing of these filters as required has many benefits. It enables your vehicle to improve on performance, reduces fuel consumption, and saves repair costs.

Oil Changes

Your engine uses oil to lubricate the moving parts and must be changed with time. Unfortunately, most car owners always overlook this procedure and end up having issues with their car engines. Having dirty oil clogs your engine and might make a high-tech vehicle stop working. Ensure the oil is changed as required, always. 

The above are some of the overlooked car maintenance items owners often skip. As you can see from the list, some of these items only require regular maintenance and replacements to ensure the vehicle performs well and has an increased lifespan. When you neglect this, it means having more motor vehicle problems and suffering high costs in repairing it.