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Fox: Disdain Pullover

My first experience with Fox was in my middle school locker room when I found a shirt that was just the classic Fox Head logo. As I write this I suppose it was weird of me to take some dirty shirt from the locker room, but I liked it and was riding a high from all the Davidoff Cool Water cologne clouding the air. Since then I like to think that I’ve grown up and in doing so ditched the Cool Water, the graphic tee and Fox as a whole as their “extreme” lifestyle and bold graphics no longer represented me.

That is until recently when I discovered that Fox has a lot of really great “subdued” clothing. Nearly the entire Deluxe Collection has a look that is significantly more Banana Republic than extreme sport. I went outside the Deluxe Collection with the Disdain Pullover. Already a sucker for a henley shirt this was an easy choice for me and I wasn’t disappointed. The touches of copper throughout bring a hint of style to the black shirt, but where it really excels is with the fleece inside. So soft and so warm it provides a great layer for when you don’t want to wear your heaviest of jackets but still need warmth. While it’s probably too warm for a summer day it will be ideal for those cooler summer nights.