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6 Surprising Things You Can Add to Your Morning Coffee to Make it Better

Nearly everyone likes coffee, and even for those that do not, they understand why it is so popular. The easy to make, easy to drink beverage is the most consumed drink in the world, and the testament to this popularity has a lot to do with how versatile it is.


There are many ways to brew coffee, from espressos to Americanos, the choices are pretty endless. Another way it is versatile is in the surprise ability to add things to coffee. Not just sugar or cream, you can also add mct oil to your coffee as a keto supplement for those who are following a low-carb and high-fat ketogenic diet. Other than that, these 6 things to add to your coffee may sound strange but they might be what you are looking for to make it better.


You might immediately think who would add salt to their coffee, but the explanation actually makes sense. Coffee can be bitter, and if you do not want to add milk, cream, or sugar for whatever reason, then salt can help cut the bitterness. The experts at explained that adding salt to your coffee can enhance its flavor. A small pinch of salt can make your coffee drinking experience more enjoyable. The Coffee brewing process is complex, and how flavors can change with simple tricks. Salt is just one of the interesting ways to change your coffee, and maybe for the better.


This is likely one of the least surprising ones on the list. Adding alcohol to coffee is not for everyone, but it is a popular option, especially as a Sunday hangover cure. Not every alcohol can be mixed in with coffee, mind you. Dark rum, whiskey, bourbon, scotch, or liqueurs are great, but avoid adding vodka or clear alcohols. If you are waking up to go to work, maybe avoid this addition though.


Yes, butter is actually a great thing to add to coffee for various reasons which seem crazy until you read them. Butter in coffee can work for a variety of reasons. The first is that it can help add fat calories to your daily intake, which is why people on paleo or keto diets do it. Secondly, salted butter can add a bit of flavor to cut the bitterness. These sound a lot more understandable, but people will probably still look at you weird.



If you simply want more flavor in your coffee but want to avoid calories, sugars, or fats, then cinnamon could be your coffee’s new best friend. Cinnamon adds a bit of a kick because of the intensity, but it allows you to get a warm profile of flavor without compromising by adding carbs and fats. The other added benefit is that cinnamon can improve antioxidant levels, so that is always a plus.

Coconut Butter

Coconut butter is a gift for those that are vegetarian, vegan, or lactose intolerant and want to still enjoy their coffee but are not ready to drink it black. Coconut butter is a great naturally occurring additive that contains fat content but allows people with alternative diets to keep their coffee full of flavor. People who are on the keto diet also use coconut butter in a similar manner to using regular dairy butter. Coconut butter contains good fat content to help keep calorie intake at good levels without having to gorge on food. You can even use coconut oil too.


Last but not least is probably the weirdest and most surprising addition to your morning coffee. An egg in your coffee seems strange at best, but there is actually a very good reason for it. This was a traditional way to consume coffee for Swedish immigrants, and part of it is because of their trip to America. The egg does not go directly into the coffee (or it could if you are adventurous), instead you put it into the grounds with water to clarify the ground beans and reduce the bitterness and acidity. It is described as being incredibly smooth to drink and leaves the much-desired caffeine intact. Certainly, a usual way to brew coffee in the morning, but sometimes the best surprises are the weirdest too.

The number of coffee types, beans, and brew methods is as varied as the regions that these beans come from. This is partly why people love this iconic beverage, the versatility is definitely hard to match. This has allowed people to experiment for centuries on things to add to their morning cup, and this list includes some of the most surprising ways to enhance your favorite drink. You may not have considered using salt in your coffee, but you might be reconsidering it now.