classy halloween

The Gentleman’s guide to a classy Halloween

Someone’s going to decide who you’ll become on October 31st. Is it you, or her? Your girl is insisting the two of you attend the most epic costume party in the city. Although unenthusiastic about the idea, you know you’re going. Factory24 feels you. We are here to guide you. Navigating this conundrum can result in arguments, disappointment, and ultimately you showing up to the party in whatever “cute couples costume” she thinks is relevant this year… or you can take control of your own Halloween destiny.

Step 1. Make your choice. We aren’t talking “dick in a box” style costume design. Choose something that won’t embarrass your lady friend, but make her proud to announce to the admiring crowd that you came up with this all on your own.

Step 2. Practice makes perfect. Not only will you need a trial run with your epic Halloween digs to ensure every detail is attended to, but use this as an opportunity to rock her world. If she walks in from a long day at work in early October to find you making dinner in your tux, you will peak her interest. Then as you explain your excitement to be her arm candy, and impress her with fierce dedication to the craft, she will have no choice but to bend to your will. She will be so blown away by your initiative she will completely forget you two were supposed to dress up as a plug and an outlet. She will be so inspired by your stroke of genius she will want to come up with something classy of her own.

Step 3. Rock it. Show up to the party knowing that not only did you win by turning this inevitable night of torture into something all your own, but you did it while making your date feel like it was all for her. Every man forced into a matching couples costume will want to be you, and every sexy nurse in the room will want to have you.

A classy Halloween as the gentleman you were destined to be is within your grasp. Follow these three easy steps and you too can look forward to this holiday as more than just a drunken night full of candy binge eating or as your girl’s dressup plaything. but instead as a gentleman. You are now in control of your Halloween persona. Well done.