A Basic Keto Diet Plan That Anyone Can Understand

There are so many different diets for losing weight, you can feel like a kid in a candy shop when choosing one that’s right for you. Some of them will be better than others at shredding the pounds of your body. Some of them will give average results and some of them will immediately shown signs of success. One modern diet isn’t actually all that modern. The keto diet is simple, lower the amount of carbohydrates in your diet and make the majority of your meals with three types of food groups instead. These are quite simple, fats, protein and natural sugars. Does that sound boring, because it shouldn’t. Complex carbs are the number one guilty suspects for putting weight on. It’s like it says, a complex compound which makes it hard to break down but also hard to use for energy purposes. Instead, fat and sugars are great sources for energy and protein helps to keep our muscles and nerves strong. You do need some carbs in your diet but just watch how the pounds melt off you while decreasing them.

A proper keto breakfast

For years and years we were told that butter and eggs are something to avoid at breakfast. Fried breakfasts were also the shadow of the demon. Diet magazines would have you pray for forgiveness if- you used whole fat milk in your cereal. All those things are plain wrong, there’s no evidence to suggest a fatty breakfast actually makes you fat. However, Carbs do so a bowl full of Cheerios or Corn Flakes might not be that healthy after all.

Here are some of your keto diet breakfast options. Boiled eggs, with the yolks! Sausages and bacon with a small bowl of fresh tomatoes. A lean thin steak with fresh fruit for natural sugars such as strawberries, peaches, oranges, apples etc. Cinnamon doughnuts with blackcurrant jam. Slices of kiwis with a small bowl of chocolate mousse. Can you already see how many great and tasty options you have, while limiting your carb intake?

What’s for lunch?

If you haven’t caught on already, flavor doesn’t die in a keto diet which can rarely be said about a diet that helps you lose weight. The types of foods that make us feel good have plenty of fats, sugars and proteins in them, so carbohydrates are really just a bit of extra that fills you up and makes you feel satisfied. But, as long as you’re staying within your calorie limit, then you can eat delicious fatty foods all you want. In that case, what’s for lunch?

Pan fried or grilled chicken breast, smothered in a sweet and tangy teriyaki sauce, with a small cup of rice and plenty of greens like lettuce and broccoli. A meaty thin pizza, with plenty of cold cuts on top, a generous amount of vegetables and herbs, and a small glass of juice or fizzy drink. A mature cheddar and onion quiche, with plenty of protein from the eggs and milk, but a bit of carbs from the pastry. A small plate of pasta, with olives and fried pancetta would be scrumptious but still light.

Winding down time

Dinner should never be a chore, but when you are attentive counting calories, that’s all it becomes. Worry more about your carb intake than overall calories first then slowly as you get used to your diet, then you can be very strict with calories. This is important as getting used to any diet is a challenge in itself. For dinner, you have even more options than lunch because now it’s time for a heavy meal. If you have already had a large meal then consider the KetoLogic’s keto diet challenge where you replace one of your meals with their KetoMeal shake. It sticks with your macros and is true to a diet that wants to limit carbs and rely on fats, sugars and proteins alone.

That is one option but if you want something you can dig your teeth into, consider a medium plate of fried chicken. Limit your sides such as corn on the cob, and rather than beans, have a fresh garden salad to go with it. Perhaps you want something more meaty, then a New York style BBQ pork ribs dish is more your liking. Just the meat itself will do as it’s fatty and full of protein, you don’t need a side if you don’t feel like it.

The keto diet guarantees you two things, plenty of flavor and consistent results in losing weight. Carbs are needed in your diet but they add a lot of weight to your body. Limit complex carbs and go with the more meaty and fatty foods that will satisfy your taste buds and your weight loss goals.