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6 Reasons Why You Need to Taste Hawaiian Coffee

There are many people who are constantly talking about how Hawaiian coffee is the best they have ever tried. This trend has been going on for quite some time, and it is for logical reasons. A cup of Hawaiian coffee is the perfect fix for bad days. There is nothing like the smooth flavor to cheer you up and re-energize you to keep you going through the day. 

If you are a caffeine addict, you probably have tried different grinds, beans, and making methods to get the perfect cup of coffee that you like. If you are reluctant to try something new, here are 6 reasons that will convince you to try out Hawaiian coffee.

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1.    It’s Their Specialty

Have you ever walked into a coffee shop and asked for a Texas coffee? The answer is no because the only state in America that makes and produces coffee is Hawaii. They are specialized in growing coffee beans, grinding them, and making the best possible coffee you will ever taste in the United States.

2.    The Options Are Endless

The fact that Hawaiian coffee comes with a wide range of different grinds, blends, and flavors is a double-edged weapon. While this offers the opportunity to find something you like, even if you are extremely picky, it still leaves many people in confusion on what to pick. If you are wondering about the best Kona coffee brands based in Hawaii, you might want to give a few options a try first to find the best possible one for you. Dedicated coffee lovers at have managed to go through different brands, coffee quality, and beans to find the best 5 brands you should give a try. While the best option is subjective according to each one’s preferences, likes, and dislikes, you can still manage to decide for yourself after giving different brands a try. This way, you will be able to find the perfect one for your taste.

3.    Only the Highest Quality

Labor in America is quite expensive compared to any other region. For this reason, you will find that producers on the islands do their best job in growing and producing only the highest possible quality when it comes to coffee. This way, they will have the opportunity to sell their products for high paying customers who appreciate the quality taste.

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4.    Processing on Another Level

Cleanliness and the technique used in making coffee is a key factor in the quality of the coffee. These challenges can make or break how your coffee tastes. Excellent processing is the only way to reveal the true nature of how coffee beans taste. Even the highest coffee beans will taste bad with poor processing techniques. This concept is well understood by Hawaiian coffee makers. Therefore, they ensure that their processing quality is unparalleled to create the best possible coffee quality.

5.    The Magic Happens in the Soil

Since the Hawaiian Islands are full of volcanoes, their soil is the number one important factor in growing coffee. The volcanic soil can do wonders in creating coffee beans that are full of antioxidants, minerals, and flavor. Rain is a common occurrence on the Hawaiian Islands. Rain does not only provide a natural watering system for the plants, but it also offers much-needed shade for the plants to grow and prosper healthily. 

These natural advantages have helped a lot in growing coffee without the need for using any chemicals that might harm coffee beans. This explains why Hawaiian coffee is always unique and more flavored than other coffee beans that grow on lower elevations.

6.    Careful Picks

There are different methods that are used around Hawaii. The majority of Hawaiian coffee, especially Kona, is hand-picked compared to Kauai coffee production that is usually mechanized. Both regions, however, choose to dry their beans naturally. The natural process used in Hawaiian coffee is one of the factors that really sets this coffee apart from any beans you have ever tried before. Coffee producers also pay extra attention to the moisture content of coffee beans. They usually keep moisture at 10% or a maximum of 30% to ensure the highest possible quality.

Hawaiian coffee has been gaining more popularity in the past couple of years, and it’s for a good reason. Not only do Hawaiian coffee producers prioritize the quality of their coffee beans, but the natural elements in the Hawaiian Islands help greatly in the making process. All these factors contribute to making high-quality unparalleled coffee with a strong flavor and smooth taste.