Workout weight bags on the floor near wall

5 Ways To Get A Workout in a Small Space

Many people think that they need all the equipment under the sun to have an effective workout. The reality is that we, as flesh and blood, just need resistance. It’s a simple matter of physiology and physics; when our bodies meet something it struggles to move, and it adapts in order to lift that weight next time around. It can take a long time depending on the weight you’re opting for, but for most of us, we need to get a very simple level of fitness as a starting point! If you have a small space like an apartment, let’s show you some of the best ways to get fit easily and effectively. 

The Simple Kettlebell

A kettlebell is an amazing tool, and the kettlebell workout does so much to focus your core strength and tone your body while also getting those motor functions firing with specific moves like the kettlebell press. You can learn all about the kettlebell press with this complete how to guide.

The Prison Workout

Prison workouts have the added benefit of no equipment. There are different types of prison workouts, such as the Juarez Valley Workout and the Prisoner Burpee Workout, but one of the best is the Deck of Cards workout. Using a deck of cards adds variety to your workouts, and all you need to do is take a standard deck of cards and allocate an exercise to each suit. For example, hearts could be crunches, diamonds could be burpees, and clubs could be push-ups. Shuffle the cards, turn over the first card, and feel the burn! 

The 5BX Plan

This is a workout routine that was developed for the Royal Canadian Air Force in the late 50s and is an amazing way to build up natural fitness without needing any equipment. The exercises are all the basic ones we know like crunches, push-ups, and jumping jacks. If you have no equipment, this is an amazing way to get yourself fit but it is also a very quick workout and can be done in approximately 11 minutes. 


Isometrics have been incorporated into many strength routines, but if you are short on time and space, this is something that, according to an old story, was used by monks who were imprisoned in a very tight space. The legend goes that they just tensed their muscles and practiced pulling against the bars of the cell, and one day, they managed to break them! Here is the set of monk workouts that you can try for yourself. 

Resistance Bands Workout

The fact is that resistance bands are just as effective as weights. And resistance bands also provide an amazing workout because of the sheer resistance on offer. There are simple ways for you to get resistance band workouts into your routine, such as doing resistance push-ups. You can also get a bar, a platform, and make your own workout platform. 

To work out in a small space, you don’t need the gym. Just remember; it’s about physics, physiology, and fitness!