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5 Unexpected Fitness Careers You Never Knew About

As of 2014, 54 million Americans were members of a gym. Skip to 5 years later, and the opportunities in the fitness sector are still growing, both for personal coaches and gym owners. Ultimately, according to the CDC, a whopping 70% of Americans over 20 struggle with weight issues. While some can find the motivation they need in their local gyms, others have a difficult time making fitness work for them. For an entrepreneur mind, there are still many career chances to seize in this buoyant industry.

Do people understand their fitness tracker?

#1. Fitness tracking data analyst

Fitness trackers have become increasingly popular, both as a way to track your performance as a motivational presence to reach your goals. Wearing a fitness tracker makes you part of a community of enthusiasts who can share their data online and challenge each other. Indeed, trackers are nothing more than sophisticated data collecting devices that measure your heart rate, your calorie consumption, your sleep patterns, etc. However, most people can feel overwhelmed with data. Offering data analysis services can help enthusiasts to plan their efforts.

#2. Gym equipment customizer

Gyms tend to stick to the same standard equipment, offering a handful of treadmills, weight-lifting machines and indoors bikes. Many gym goers, however, feel left out by machines that are not equipped to cope with their disabilities. Professional customization and gym part retails – for inspiration, you can read about Tom Kinney’s innovative approach to fitness equipment here – go hand-in-hand with gym business owners. You can provide dedicated services to improve equipment accessibility in gyms, for instance.

#3. Sports narrative designer

If you love running, you’ve probably heard of the Zombies Run app that puts you at the heart of a complex narrative. For joggers, the app is an excellent motivational tool. However, there are not enough sports narrative solutions on the market, which could be an opportunity for a creative copywriter or designer.

#4. Fitness fashion stylist

While fashion and fitness might not seem like topics that could belong together – athletic fashion is typically worn on the street but not in gyms –, there is more to your fitness gear than meets the eye. Indeed, the clothes you wear can affect your performance, by reducing the risk of injury, encouraging movements, regulating your body temperature, and even keeping your skin smooth and healthy. If you fancy yourself a fashion stylist advisor, you should include a personalized fitness service for all those who are willing to improve their endurance and strength.

#5. Gym architect

Is there such a thing as gym architecture? The answer is yes. Designing buildings and their interiors is detrimental to the growth of a business. A fitness center that feels dull and lacks personality is unlikely to retain customers. On the other hand, something creative and beautiful such as the rock climbing wall Illoiha Omotesando, Tokyo, can encourage the audience to engage with its surroundings. Nobody says gyms have to be boring; so making fitness fun is all about making it popular.

Make gyms exciting

You don’t need to own a gym club to make a living in the fitness sector. Whether you’re a professional data analyst who loves interpreting information or a fashion addict with an eye for design, there are many exciting opportunities… and you don’t even need to be good at sports!