toddlers boy sitting on white cloth surrounded by toys

Gift ideas to help toddlers learn as they play

Finding any old gift for toddlers is simple. However, getting the perfect gift for a toddler to not only enjoy, but also learn from, isn’t as easy. After all, there are so many random loud and flashy toys out there to buy, and what little one wouldn’t be attracted to those kinds of gifts?

But to make the most of these formative and crucial years in a toddler’s life, it’s also essential to find a gift that’ll encourage and develop their key skills, as well as make their little eyes light up in excitement. 

So, how are you going to achieve both? Take a look at these top gift ideas that help toddlers to learn as they play to watch the learning process become faster, and way more fun!

Toys that help toddlers to learn colors

Finding toys for toddlers should include elements of problem-solving, education and sensory development. But most importantly – they should be fun!

The appeal of bright colors in books is a great way of helping little ones learn, and there are many books that focus on the differences between each color. The repetition in the writing, when read out loud, is also an effective learning tool for toddlers. 

Building blocks can also help to nurture that understanding of color, by building towers out of one specific color.

Toys that help toddlers to learn numbers

The fun of building blocks can also help toddlers to learn their numbers too. Numbered blocks help to keep little ones aware of what different numbers mean, and over time, the order in which those numbers should be placed!

Play tills are also a creative and fun way to keep numbers in the mix during playtime. The amusing noises and colors keep a toddler’s attention as they learn this key skill. 

Toys that help toddlers to learn shapes

Shape sorting games provide a toddler with hours of fun that challenge them to overcome obstacles and improve their memory. Also, they’re fantastic fun as well! 

Shape-based educational gifts will also improve their hand to eye coordination, problem-solving skills and even perhaps (when the shapes aren’t fitting where the toddler would like) their patience! 

Toys that help toddlers learn words

There’s no feeling in the world like watching your toddler correctly pronounce a word for the first time. And there are some fun ways to reach that incredible accomplishment that help you to teach your child while enjoying some quality time with them. 

Flashcards are a tried and tested method of learning that contains images with words written below. All it takes is a little effort and some clear pronunciation from a smiling parent for a toddler to feel encouraged enough to repeat it right back!

Toys that help toddlers with sensory development

If your wide-eyed little pride and joy seem to be interested in absolutely everything, sensory development toys include all of the above benefits and more.

With a combination of sounds, sights, colors, textures and fabrics, your toddler can enjoy the ultimate fun-filled educational experience.