midlife crisis

Six Steps To Swerve A Midlife Crisis

It starts out fairly low key. One day you wake up feeling a little bit apathetic. A little bit ‘blah’. Then you find that the things which you used to enjoy have lost their familiar appeal. You drift through your days on autopilot. You’re feeling a touch lost, and finding it hard to make and stick to a decision. You wonder why, but then all of a sudden it hits you – is this a mid-life crisis? You may have thought it wouldn’t happen to you, but even if you’ve been happy with your life, it’s quite normal to have a period of re-evaluation. If you’re questioning the point of things, taking reckless actions just to make yourself feel something intensely, and looking for a sense of purpose, there’s no need to run away from your feelings. You don’t need to cheat on your spouse or buy a sports car or a motorbike all of a sudden- there are better ways to navigate yourself through the slump.

Trust That It’s Never Too Late

Many of the panics of mid life are connected to feeling it’s ‘too late’ to tackle those challenges we’ve always wanted to – but that couldn’t be further from the truth. There isn’t an age limit on having fun – on achieving ambitions, learning something new, or seeing the world – in fact, those experiences can be even better when you are old enough to understand their true value. If there are things in life you really want to do, age is not barrier – but your state of mind can be. Teach yourself a ‘can do’ attitude and you’ll be amazed by the potential within.  

Do What Makes You Feel Good

While there’s no need for drastic actions, if there are things making you feel especially self-conscious, take back control with some positive changes. If your clothes are suddenly tight and not hanging right, take it as a signal to re-evaluate your lifestyle – signing up for that gym membership or making consciously healthier food choices can only be a good thing. Take small steps to make yourself feel and look better – if hair loss is bothering you, order some products like Regaine For Men Extra Strength Scalp Foam that will help tackle the issue. If you feel like you’re stuck in a rut with clothes, book a styling appointment at a large department store. Giving yourself a little boost can be a catalyst for making larger changes further down the line.

Revisit Your Dreams

A really important point to remember is that, just as we ourselves change over the years, so do the things that are right for us. So take the time to map out your current priorities and goals. Don’t beat yourself up about not achieving things that the 20 year old you may have wanted – if your wants and needs have evolved, there is no reason to cling to the dreams of yesterday. It’s perfectly okay to have changed what your aims are without feeling that you’ve sold yourself short. If those dreams still drive you, that’s fine. But if they don’t anymore, you don’t have to be tied to them- it’s okay to let them go.

The Time Is Now

A major problem in a lot of people’s lives is simple procrastination. We wait endlessly for the mythical ‘right time’ to do something, or we want things to be ‘perfect’- which, of course, they never are. Sometimes the best course of action is to make something happen. Book that adventure holiday. Write that first chapter of the novel. Take a step however small, to realise your desires.

Tap Into Your Support Network

Whenever life becomes a rough ride, you need people around you more than ever. The trouble with modern life is that it’s so busy, we can easily become disconnected from those around us. Make time for the relationships that really matter. Friends and family are your support system. Take a road trip to reconnect or just grab a coffee with someone you are close to and take the time to have a proper, in depth conversation. The power of friendship can really help in transitional situations.

Make Time for Exercise

The benefits of exercise for both your mental and physical wellbeing cannot be overstated. Not only is a workout a fantastic reducer of stress and anxiety, but it can give you a focus and help to clear your head. Taking up a new sport can also add a social dimension and enable you to make new friends and discover new achievements to strive for. So whether it’s taking some tennis lessons or getting into something like dragon boat racing, it can only be beneficial.