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5 Motorcycle Trip Destinations and Sights to See

This article is provided by Heather Harrington, RumbleOn Evangelist.

One of the best parts of owning a motorcycle is having the ability to strap on the luggage, hop on the bike and take a trip across the country. With the open road in front of you there’s no limit to the destinations you’ll be able to visit. To make the experience even more memorable, we’ve put together a short list to help you narrow it down.

Here’s the 5 best sights to see on your next long distance ride.

TexasSouth Texas Motorcycle Museum

Edinburg, TX

Located at the most southern part of the Lone Star state lies the South Texas Motorcycle Museum. If you’re interested in a rich and fascinating learning experience, this destination is the one for you. This non-profit museum features dozens of modern and vintage motorcycles that were designed and manufactured in the early 1900’s. So next time you’re heading to the beaches and resorts of Mexico, consider this destination along the way.

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Missouri  — Taum Sauk Mountain

Ironton, MO

Believe it or not, there’s more to do in Missouri other than touring the Anheuser-Busch brewery or hangout in BallPark Village. Located in the St. Francois Mountains lies Taum Sauk Mountain State Park. The 7,500 acres of rocky glades and wooded areas provide hikers with a beautiful and refreshing experience. For those looking for more of a challenge, hikers can trek to the top of the St. Francois Mountains in the Ozarks where they can stand at 1,772 feet above sea level and conquer the highest, and oldest, peak in Missouri. If you’re looking for a slower pace, don’t worry there’s still plenty to do. From a series of trails and 12 campground sites, there’s something for everyone.

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North CarolinaWheels Through Time

Maggie Valley, NC

If you have any interest in the rare motorcycles, automobiles, and memorabilia of the past, then this should be a stop on your next ride. Wheels Through Time is the premier spot to check out 300 of the rarest machines ever created, including the mysterious Traub motorcycle. Founded in 2002, the 38,000 square foot facility took on the duty of guiding visitors through the evolution of the motorcycle and automotive industries. The museum is laid out as a timeline with motorcycles like the ‘32 roadsters to the outrageous 1915 Locomobile.

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New York  — Great Lakes Seaway Trail

Buffalo/Niagara Falls, NY

Want to experience beautiful scenery without getting off your bike? If that’s the case then the Great Lakes Seaway Trail is the way to go. The 518-mile stretch rolls by Niagara Falls and continues into the Thousand Islands regions where you’ll see 29 lighthouses along the way. If you keep traveling, the trail will lead you past Letchworth State Park and the Lakes to Locks Passage where you can experience breathtaking views including canals and historical architecture. If you do feel the need to stop off for a quick bite or rest, the trail is filled with charming waterfront towns and villages.

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Washington  — Barron Ghost Town

Winthrop, WA

In 1894 hundreds of miners flocked to Barron, WA in hopes of striking gold and getting rich. However, only two years later the small town was left deserted. Despite years of desertion and emptiness, Barron is one of the most intact ghost towns in Washington. Structures like cabins, mines, mini-carts, rails, steel tanks, hoppers, and other mechanical gold-mining remnants still remain and are uniquely explorable. It’s important to note that the best time of year to make the trip to Barron is between mid-July and September when there is no snow cover to make the site dangerous.

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