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One of my favorite summer activities here in Colorado is floating serenely down a front range river while sipping on one of my favorite beers. Oskar Blues IPA fits this bill perfectly in being my float along buddy; it is refreshing, multifaceted, and comes in a can (a must for river activities).


After getting off the river where I drank a couple straight out of the can I poured IPA by Oskar Blues into a pint glass. Immediately a low-density but deep pure white head formed over a rich golden brew that is a bit hazy due to the hop content of the beer. The nose is a bit hop forward but the strong notes of citrusy tropical fruits was the most surprising facet of the multidimensional beer. The malt centric nature of the beer has a solid refreshing base due to malted barley and red wheat that is extremely clean with a smooth mouthfeel, opening up the palate for the deep hop flavor to come. There are a multitude of hops in this brew that give the IPA a depth of flavor that is unparalleled yet the clean base and refreshing finish keeps everything in check, making it a perfect beer to sip on the water under the hot summer sun.  

If you are looking to have a lazy day in the mountains or in the water be sure to pick up a six pack of IPA by Oskar Blues. The clean and refreshing nature of the beer encapsulates the nature of Colorado’s pristine water perfectly while its depth adds new facets to a beer that you will not tire of.  

Nick True
About the Author

A science teacher with a love of pop-culture and fine alcohol.

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