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A Short Guide to Wearing Tie Dye Shirts 

Colorful, cheerful, and reminiscent of childhood, wearing tie dye shirts gives you a very good mood besides that it can match wonderfully with anything, both in the hot season and in the cold season. And this year is the year of strong colors no matter what you are wearing. 

Also, you should totally buy a colorful beanie, in warm, soft color, because it can be used to match so many outfits you can’t even imagine. Pink, nude, yellow, warm green, lilac, or blue, are the star colors you can wear, regardless of the season.

Even if the weather is not always warm and often a bit gloomy, it does not mean that your outfits should be the same. Fashion specialists came up with a series of colorful, exuberant, and extremely chic color proposals. Let yourself be seduced by their charm and wear tie dye shirts regardless of the weather outside. And if it is cold outside, you can always have in your bag a beanie to protect you from ugly weather. With warm colors, you can never fail. You can match them in any casual or elegant outfit you want.

How Did the Tie Dye Shirts Appear?

Beautiful, comfortable, immaculate white, simple or with lace, linen, silk, or cotton, it is one of the most versatile items in our wardrobe. But do you know what her story is? The white women’s shirt dates back to the 18th century. At that time, the white shirt model for women was considered underwear, but over time it became one of the most often worn pieces of clothing today. These days, shirts come in all sizes, and colors, and can be matched to any type of clothes, from skirts, to jeans or even leggings. Tie dye shirts are a must-have nowadays and everybody loves them. 

Colorful Outfits for Men

Men tend to run away from color when it comes to clothing, they are afraid of combinations that they consider extravagant, and they always choose neutral shades, both for the cold season and in summer. However, as the years pass, gentlemen gain more courage and experiment, whether it is a hat, an accessory, or a piece of clothing. Shirts are a basic item in any man’s wardrobe, so they can’t be missing, and tie dye shirts must be part of it, too, whether we’re talking about a vacation at the beach or in another city. 

Endowed with a special pattern, inspired by the Far East, a tie dye shirt can become your second skin. It’s stylish enough for an office suit and cool enough for a pair of pants. The club parties have started again, so now you know what you can choose to become the soul of the party. In addition, a colorful shirt brings good mood and is easy to integrate into the outfit, either with a pair of linen pants, with a skirt, or even jeans. And if you feel like something is missing, a beanie can complete the outfit for the day

How to Wear a Beanie

Tie Dye Shirts

You can choose a cheap colored beanie hat, which will stand out in everyday outfits, or a neutral color, which will match your hair color and hairstyle. And if you really want to be in the spotlight, super chic, non-conformist, you can choose a beanie hat with a fine veil. You’d love one, wouldn’t you? If you have long hair then this kind of hat perfectly complements a casual look. You can wear your hair the way you want: straight, with well-defined curls, or with natural ones, in waves.

For men it is simple to wear a beanie. But for women there is so much more. Once you have chosen the type you like, from fine or fluffy fabrics, or woven ones, it is time to think about hairstyles. Don’t expect your hair to have volume, but the situation is not bad if you know how to style your hair when wearing a hat. If you have bangs, wear a beanie on the back to not damage your hairstyle. If you decide to arrange your bangs to one side, you can wear it on your forehead.

What Types of Fabrics Can Be Dyed?

Sooner or later, anything loses its luster and expressiveness. And this is true for clothes and their colors. Store dyes or natural products can bring old washed objects back to life. Fabric dyes are a way to emphasize your personality. Creative people see them as a great opportunity to experiment. Seeing your imagination, you can make a masterpiece out of a plain white shirt. No one will have such clothes. Paints are an integral attribute in the work of a tailor, and by experimenting with colors, this is how tie dye shirts come to life. 

Tie Dye Shirts

The most flexible in this matter are fabrics made of natural materials: cotton, linen, wool, and silk. The mixed textiles are well colored – semi-finished, half wool. Polyester is not a material you should try to dye because the result won’t be something you’ll like. The fibers of this fabric do not absorb the paint well, the color of the product will be dull and will most likely fade during the first wash after dyeing. Dyes of all colors for different types of fabrics are available in stores, under many forms. 

Coloring clothes is a very special experience that stimulates your artistic side or gives a fresh note to your old lingerie. It is important not only how colorful it is, but also how the color used affects the result. It is even possible to color the gradations at home, which can lead to very fashionable ideas. It doesn’t matter if you are short, tall, thin, or sporty, a tie dye shirt is much more visually appealing than the alternative. Now that you have a good idea of what the right shirt should look like, find the perfect fit for you.