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Essay Writing: 6 Tips To Perfecting Your Paper

 Writing essay papers can be quite dreadful. Writing is nothing like math, it’s not a ‘solve for X equation’; it requires time, patience, and creativity. Most times, you feel lost and don’t know where to start, it’s okay though! Even professionals can experience writers’ block at times. So if your essay deadline is in a few hours and you’re browsing frantically for anything that might save you, we’ll be sharing our top 6 tips so that you can crush that paper and get an A. Don’t worry it’s not far fetched, you’ll see!

Research With Might and Main

 You have to study the assignment thoroughly, so dig into the topic you’ll be writing about. Most essays will include a prompt, however, they are usually vague. Researching will help you understand the topic that you’ll spend hours writing about. It will also ensure that you tackle what is required and address the most important points in depth, instead of writing off-topic. Writing about a completely different topic will surely grant you a zero, even if the essay is really good. But be careful, research can be tempting, you can find yourself drowning in information and sources which you want to cover, but that can seriously lengthen your essay. Try to be efficient, and don’t waste the whole day researching when you could have written several papers. Time management is key. Research sources can include:

-Internet or online sources




 Don’t forget to include your research sources like links, references, or citations. 


Create An Ideal Writing Environment 

  Please don’t write in bed, we all know what happens then. Go to a coffee shop, a library, or any quiet place where there are no distractions. Take your laptop and leave your mobile at home. If you’re writing in your room or on your desk, clean up and organize your stuff, and maybe make a latte before you start. 

Brainstorm and Outline

 After you’ve done your research, brainstorm! After being assigned a topic to write an essay about, you can think to yourself: ‘oh my god I have nothing in mind’. That is a totally normal reaction. If you think about it, it’s not possible to figure out what you’re going to write before actually trying. That’s why once we start writing, the flow of ideas can start rushing in. If you brainstorm, this will help you organize your train of thought, and ensure that the ideas are not all over the place.  You can use bullet points and mind-maps, then draft and outline your paragraphs. You should construct a powerful thesis; your thesis is the backbone of your essay and gives a first impression for the rest of the paper, so make it interesting and grab your reader’s attention. The paper should convey and be built upon your thesis. Ask yourself:

  • What will I include in the introduction, body, and conclusion? 
  • What about the supporting details that will back up my essay?
  • Will the ideas jotted down support the thesis?

When you feel like your outline is ready, start off your essay!


Be Original


There is no doubt that doing your research and citing is important. However, do not be a copycat! It goes without saying that copying many words from a source is considered plagiarism, and is a violation of all ethical codes, whether at school, university, or at work. Most academic institutes have software that checks for plagiarism. Besides, it’s way better to write in your own words; so try to be unique and interesting.Every writer has their own style,and originality can grant you a few extra points!


Get Help

  You can ask a friend or a family member to read the paper and edit it for you. Many students use essay writing services to edit out their work or provide essays from scratch. Even the most determined and hard-working students do that, when their schedules are crammed, and they find themselves constantly overloaded with work and deadlines. Many people wonder, are essay writing services legit, and the short answer is that if you find the correct resource, yes, they can be. However, many writing services actually provide you with newly written, high-quality papers. So as long as these essays pass the plagiarism checks, students will be willing to pay for these services.


  Many people avoid proofreading. Proofreading is the final stage of writing your paper, and is of utmost importance. It helps you spot any misspellings, repetitions, or grammatical errors. Reading out loud can help you put yourself in the reader’s shoes and is an effective technique to use.

   Whether you’re writing an argumentative essay, an expository, or a research paper. These tips are guaranteed to wow your professor, put you on the right track, and encourage you to start writing ‘right away’!