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Steve McQueen would own an F-Type. I have come to this realization as I barrel along at 130mph along the deserted back roads of the Los Angeles hills in the open top sports car. Steve understood it was the intangibles that made a car great, and the F-type has some serious intangibles. It is unknown how many glossy magazine shoot-outs this car will win, or how many drag races it will conquer, but it doesn’t really matter. Because the F-Type makes driving fun again.

For too long we’ve been shackled with boring motors, just tootling us along to our destinations. No wonder more and more people hate driving and are indifferent as to what car they buy. They’ve never driven anything but a washing machine, so why should they care? Well start caring, because fun cars are clearly back. The Jag has the looks to write the fun checks, and the chassis to cash them. Driving an F-Type is an exercise in wild abandon, even when you’re sitting still.

This is easily the best sounding car released this year. Easily. The C63 AMG comes close, but with the roof down and the sound that much more direct, the Jag takes it. And the motor generating that noise is no slouch either. The V8S that I drove far outpaced my abilities on every occasion. I never got close to finding this car’s limits.

The F-Type is far from just a racer though. Even at 20mph, this car is an event to be in. People look, babies cry, attractive people are interested in you. Everything those pill offers filling your spam box promise, this car delivers. Jaguar is on a bit of roll currently, and if this car is any indication the British marque has many more bright days ahead.

All of this is to say that the Jaguar F-Type V8S is cool, accomplished, and supremely talented. Much like Steve McQueen. He would have one in British racing green no doubt.

Adam Kaslikowski
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