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Why and How to Become an HVAC Technician

Our society has become too focused on white-collar jobs. The essential and important blue-collar jobs that can be quite lucrative and rewarding are mostly forgotten or ignored. Whether you managed to get a college degree or not, deciding to become an HVAC technician is admirable and important for the good of the community. A business manager is equally as important as a technician and you can climb your way up the ranks in that line of work as well. If you’re motivated and you want to start a rewarding career in HVAC systems, then read on to learn more about the steps needed and why you consider it as a career.

How to Enter this Line of Work

When you decide to enter this line of work and start your journey on the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning career path, you will need to follow some steps. Take a closer look at this list of things that you need to do:

Get an HVAC Certificate

Once you’ve graduated from high school, you will need to enroll in several classes related to this field to earn your certificate. You are not required to have this certificate in some regions, but you might have legal limitations that can hinder your progress. This makes these classes worth taking. You will spend approximately 9 months learning about the different equipment, tools, diagnostics, electronic principles, mechanics, and a lot more that can benefit you as a future technician. 

Become an Apprentice 

Completing your apprenticeship is your next step after finishing the classes and earning your certificate. You will have the on-the-job training you need to gain experience. It will be a learning phase where you observe seasoned/professional technicians. You will hone your craft better. Listen to their advice and show initiative to learn better from practical jobs. You have around 3 to 4 years to absorb all the information and experience you can get from other technicians. 

Specialize and Get Certified 

When you’ve gained the experience needed in general HVAC, you can choose to specialize in a specific field to get certified as a technician that focuses on maintenance, repair, installation, or large commercial units. You have the choice between these schools to train on a specific specialty and get officially certified and licensed for it when you’re done. Huge opportunities for great jobs will open for you after you’ve become licensed and certified on a specialty.

The Process is straightforward and the journey is worth the effort to gain more experience and achieve your career goals in the HVAC field.

Why Start a Career in This Line of Work?

Starting a career path in this line of work can be exciting. The reasons behind it vary and it depends on the person. Take a closer look below at some of these possible reasons:

You Enjoy Working With Your Hands

If you enjoy working with your hands, then nothing should stop you from doing what you love. Working as a technician is fulfilling and rewarding because it gives you happiness every time you finish a job. You fix units that aren’t working and you make people’s lives easier. All of this is thanks to your talents and skills with your hands.

Wanting to Help People

It’s admirable that you would want to help people with your talents and skills. If assisting people and fixing problems with their units/devices at home is what drives you, then you have chosen the right career. Interacting with people daily will be the norm and you will see the positive impact your work has on their lives.

Working Where You Live 

You can choose to work where you live and not have long commutes if you don’t want to. Focusing on your community, town, or city is very appealing. HVAC technicians are always in high demand and you won’t struggle to find a job. It’s an excellent way to make a living peacefully.  

If you don’t want your traditional desk job or corporate lifestyle, then having the freedom and flexibility as an HVAC technician is a choice for you. This career is more rewarding than you might think and you can choose to work within your own community to help make it a better place. Every single household has a type of HVAC system, whether it’s a heater, air conditioner, furnace, or a ventilator. You will always find work as a technician no matter where you go or live. The possibilities are endless and you can enjoy a peaceful and lucrative career working with your hands.