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Why a Pickup Truck Is a Good All Round Vehicle

Topping the Consumer Charts

When at least five out of the top ten rated vehicles of 2020 in the US, despite the coronavirus pandemic, is a pickup truck, then you know you are onto a winner. They are becoming increasingly popular amongst younger consumers, with at least 27% of 18-34 surveyed in the Great American Truck Survey of 2020 accounting for total sales. So does this mean that the pickup truck is here to stay for the foreseeable future?

Plenty of Storage Space

Whether it is because you work in construction and need to load up with essential goods or you just want to use it for personal everyday use, the ability to store necessary items in the back is certainly advantageous. If you compare this to the average car which usually can be a bit stringent with their boot space, there is no denying that a pickup truck is certainly the best option with regards to storage space.

Ability To Tow Trailers

If you feel like going on a spontaneous road trip with a friend or family member then there is always the option of towing your trailer in the back. This would enable you to stop for a rest when you please, to eat and sleep. At least with the trailer-assist functions such as multi-function tailgate and the inclusion of a rear view camera, will enable you to keep a close eye on the trailer whilst driving. Generally a light-duty pickup truck has the ability to tow up to 3000 pounds which should fulfill your basic requirements. 

Safety Measures 

When you are on the roads you want to feel as safe as possible in the vehicle you are driving. Due to their sturdy steel designs, imposing height and inbuilt safety features such as in the Chevy Silverado 1500 for sale, you can feel more at ease knowing that you are going to be safer ultimately, were there to be an impact with another vehicle. Between January and April 2020 alone, at least 28,000 people died driving on the roads here in the US, which was a 4.6% increase from the previous year.

Reliable in Testing Conditions

When you set off for a journey, particularly in the cold winter months, the last thing you want is to be stranded at the side of the road on a dark, cold, wet, rainy evening waiting for assistance. Pickup trucks tend to be very reliable vehicles without hardly ever breaking down, so long as you maintain them well. Their ability to deal with off road tracks, such as uneven gravely surfaces, deep puddles and extreme weather conditions, including heavy snow, are certainly ideal if you are using your pickup truck in more rural locations, where nice smooth roads are a rarity. This will enable you to continue with your day without having the concern that your vehicle would not be able to cope with the conditions.