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Tips For Curvy People On How To Choose Suitable Clothes For Their Body Shape

The fashion industry has often been criticized for not catering to the needs of curvy people. However, this has changed over time, and more brands are now offering clothes in larger sizes which is excellent news! If you’re a curvy person or know someone who is, then it’s worth looking into these tips on how to choose suitable clothes for your body shape.

Curvy People

Embrace Gathering

One of the most common problems curvy people face is finding it hard to get clothes that fit properly. This can be an even bigger problem if you’re trying to buy something like a pair of pants and struggle with finding ones that aren’t too tight in some places yet baggy in others. A good way around this is by embracing gathering. Adding gathering to the waist and hips is often an easy way to make it fit better but still look like it was intended that way!

With gathering, you can remove excess fabric in areas where it’s not needed (such as around the knees) while adding extra for other places that need more room. This is also a good way of making sure your clothes fit well even if you choose to wear them unzipped or undone because gathering allows for some give and take to accommodate movement!

Consider Jeans Made for the Curvy Type

Jeans are a style of trousers that can cause problems for curvy people who might find the waist is too tight while the thigh and knee areas don’t fit properly. One way around this problem is to buy jeans explicitly made for curvier body types. These jeans for big thighs and big butts, for example, are made to fit larger thighs and buttocks, which makes them great if you’re curvy. With them, you won’t feel like you’re squeezing into a pair of jeans that don’t fit, and they’ll still look great!

If possible, buy these clothing from brands that make curvy fashion for women. You can also shop online through retailers who have mastered the art of curvy clothing and know how to cater specifically to more curvaceous women. If possible, consider outlets where you can fit the clothes before buying them rather than buying clothes you think will fit.

Choose Clothes That Emphasize Your Assets

There’s no point in trying to hide your curves if you’re not comfortable with them yet. Instead, opt for clothes that play up your curves and emphasize your assets. For example, if you’re a larger busted woman, choosing tops with necklines that sit high can help lift them off the chest while minimizing the appearance of any excess belly fat.

Please do not feel shy or embarrassed when it comes to your body shape. You can look and feel great when choosing clothes that fit well, flatter your figure and highlight the best bits about yourself. This will also show others that you have embraced your body shape, which will help to boost your self-esteem as well!

Take Advantage Of Vertical Stripes Or Horizontal Stripes

There are a few other things to consider when choosing clothes if you’re curvy too. One of them is that horizontal stripes can make the wearer look wider, so avoid them unless you want this effect. Instead, vertical lines will help enhance your frame and give you more shape!

If possible, choose fabrics with elastane in them, which will give you extra stretch and give the clothes more flexibility, allowing you to breathe easier when it comes to dressing. If this is not possible, make sure any seams are flat-stitched so that they don’t cut in or dig into your skin while you wear them!

Be Careful When It Comes To Clothes That Have Embellishments

Curvy People

Embellished clothes can be great for adding a little glamour to your look, but you must take care of the type of embellishment involved. For example, avoid clothing with bows or other frills as these will draw attention towards any curves already there instead of minimizing them, which is what you want.

If possible, opt for embellished clothes with metallic detailing or beads instead of very obvious bows. You can also consider clothes with embellishments that have a subtle design, such as ruffles or pleats. These will give your curves a slight boost while still looking classy and sophisticated.

In conclusion, there are several things to think about when it comes to curvy fashion and finding clothes for certain body shapes. While you might find that some outfits don’t look as good on you because of your curves, there will be other items out there that can help balance the proportions and give your outfit an excellent finish. By choosing well-fitting clothing such as pants for big thighs and big butts or tops with vertical stripes, you can look great in clothes that fit your body well.