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Eco-Friendly Upgrades To Make To Your Old Car

Old cars can be a lot less eco-friendly than newer cars. However, with a few upgrades, you may be able to make your older vehicle a lot greener. Some of these upgrades may even save you money, making them a good investment. Below are a few eco-friendly upgrades to consider. 

Eco-friendly tires

Need new tires? A set of eco-friendly synthetic rubber blend tires could be a good option. These tires have better rolling resistance, which could help you to increase your miles per gallon. On top of saving money on fuel, you’ll be cutting emissions and using less fossil fuels. There’s also the option of lighter tires to help reduce weight, but some of these tires wear out more quickly – which may not make them a worthy purchase. 

Reusable air filters

Air filters can get clogged over time. Unclogging these air filters periodically can increase your fuel economy. While you can buy new air filters each time, a more economical and eco-friendly option is to invest in a reusable air filter. You can shop for these air filters online. 

Synthetic oil

Next time you’re considering an oil change, consider upgrading to synthetic oil as supplied by companies such as The Best Oil. Synthetic oil is much better for your engine – while conventional oil is still a great lubricant, synthetic oil offers improved engine production. It also doesn’t thicken in the cold, which can lead to better fuel economy. On top of this, you’ll  get more life out of this oil than conventional oil. 

Green wiper blades

If you need to buy new wiper blades, consider opting for recyclable options. Being able to recycle these ordinarily disposable parts can help to prevent more plastic ending up in a landfill site. You can buy these wiper blades online. 

Weight reduction upgrades

Another way to consume less fuel is to reduce the weight of your vehicle. This could be something as simple as removing a roof box from your car when not in use or taking out work tools. However, there are other ways in which you can reduce weight if you’re dedicated to improving fuel economy such as taking out unnecessary seating or the spare wheel. Major weight loss reduction upgrades are probably best reserved for racing vehicles rather than your everyday vehicle, but could be worth looking into here at Car Throttle.  

Or you could just upgrade to a greener vehicle?

Some old vehicles are simply not very fuel-efficient and no matter how much you modify them, they’ll never be as eco-friendly as a newer car. Buying a newer car might cost you more upfront, but you could make your money back in the long run by consuming less fuel , plus you’ll most likely not need to pay for as many frequent repairs. It’s certainly an investment worth considering if you’re passionate about the environment and looking to reduce your carbon footprint without having to give up driving.