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What To Do If You’ve Been Robbed 

Getting robbed is unusually shocking and upsetting, so it’s important to know what to do right away. If someone broke into your home, there are a few things you need to do. The most important thing to do is to tell the police and your home insurance company about the crime.

But it won’t always be this simple. After all, if you come home and find that your house has been broken into, you will have a million thoughts racing around your head. And, of course, they won’t be organized into a useful list of things to do. But stop and take a deep breath. There are a few things you need to do right away. Find out what they are by reading on.


File A Police Report

If you come home and find that your house has been broken into, call the police right away. Try not to move anything in your house because the police will need to look through it for clues that could help them find the burglars.

You’ll need to tell the police about the crime, like when it happened, what was stolen, how the thieves might have gotten in, and what home security systems you had.

The police will probably give you a report form that you can give to your home insurance company. This will help you get money for the things that were stolen from your home.

Take Care Of Yourself And Your Family

Of course, you should also take care of yourself and your family. Getting robbed is a scary and stressful time, so you’ll need time to get back on your feet.

If your home isn’t safe after the burglary, either because doors or windows were broken or because you or the police think the burglars might come back, find somewhere else to stay, like with friends or family in the area, until you can have the damage repaired. 

You might also want to tell your neighbors about the break-in, especially if they are vulnerable. You might be able to get help with this from the police, or you could tell your local Neighbourhood Watch.

Make A List Of Stolen Items

Have you noticed that something is missing? Make a list, and then try to find proof that you own those things. This could be bank statements, receipts on paper or online, or even pictures of them. All of them will be useful.

Once you know what’s missing, you’ll need to find replacements, especially if you need a transponder key replacement for your car.

Talk To Your Insurance Provider

After telling the police about being robbed, you’ll need to call your home insurance company to let them know what happened. Your specific home insurance policy will tell you what rules you need to follow. But you should be aware that there may be a strict deadline for telling your insurance company about any break-ins on your property.Make sure to check these details when you set up insurance for your home, and call your insurance company as soon as possible after a break-in. Your home insurance company is likely to ask for detailed information about your home security and the burglary. This includes information about the items stolen and the damage to the property. If you’ve kept information on your home’s valuables, this can be used as evidence that some of them were taken in the recent break-in.