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Great Legal Advice on What You Should Do After A Car Accident

Millions of accidents occur every year around the world, but fortunately, some of them involve damage to the vehicle and property damage. The physical injury occurs on a few occasions, given that national projections reveal that 33% of accidents result in personal injury to passengers or the driver. In case you are involved in a car accident, there are numerous legal steps that you can take to shield yourself and protect your interests. Here are seven pieces of legal advice that you should always consider should you get involved in a car accident.


After an accident, some drivers have a deep urge to escape the scene. It is not advisable to flee on the accident scene, even if it is a minor case; you would be risking a hefty penalty or a jail term when caught.

Make a Record

After the accident, police will report to the scene, and it would be advisable that you ensure that the officer in charge records the exact events that transpired. In case you can’t remember specific facts, feel free to notify the officer, and you should never misstate, guess, or speculate on events. The officer will ask you whether you are injured, and in case you are unsure, give that reply considering that you might feel the pain hours after the incident. Besides, ensure that the other party issues an accurate statement.

Contact Your Attorney

Before taking any measures, it would be advisable to contact an attorney from a reputable firm who will guide you through answering questions and help you when filing a claim. There are chances that you might have undergone suffering, emotional pain, medical injuries, or even car wreckage; therefore, hiring an attorney might help relieve some of the responsibility and will ensure that you focus on seeking medication. The legal experts from Stuart Law Firm who specialize in car accidents and personal injury cases insist that in case of an accident, you should only hire a lawyer who understands the suffering, emotional pain, and medical bills that are a result of the car accident. After consulting with your legal advisor, you can then contact the insurance company and feed them with details of the accident. Never admit to the fault or blame anyone after an accident!!

Exchange Information

There are cases when the police might either delay or completely fail to respond to an accident. In such a case, it is advisable to record the telephone number, address, and names of eyewitnesses. Besides, get the insurance information of the vehicle that you were involved in the accident. All the information will prove to be useful in the future, and you can always consult your attorney on the importance of the gathered data. The data will be helpful when filing a lawsuit or when seeking your deserved compensation.

Don’t admit to the fault.

Statements made by any party at the accident scene could be used as evidence during a civil claim in a court trial, and it could be the greatest mistake anyone should avoid making after an accident. It is always advisable to remain silent about the fault since the statements might be accurate, and lawyers might introduce it as evidence. After the accident, ensure that all parties are medically fit and consider seeking medical assistance the soonest possible, but never admit to fault.

Report the Matter

As earlier stated, you should notify the insurance company after consulting with your attorney. Most insurance policies require that upon an accident, the victims should immediately report the case and cooperate during investigations. Inquire from your agent, whether medical benefits are included in the insurance coverage. Besides, an insurance agents’ job is to settle a claim in the shortest time possible then proceed to the next case. They are under obligation to prioritize the insurance company’s desires; therefore, they might offer you a low compensation when you first meet. Never agree to anything that the agent provides, not unless you have consulted with your attorney. 

Seek Treatment

In most cases, the injuries that are a result of car accidents might not be evident in the instance, and some victims reportedly report experiencing pain hours after the accident. You must seek treatment at a nearby medical facility. You should never undermine minor accidents given that you might have sustained a spinal injury; therefore, you must go through a physical examination. In case you were unconscious after the collision, there are chances that you either suffered a head injury or a concussion that, when left unattended, could result in behavioral or cognitive changes.

Generally, some accidents are avoidable while others are unavoidable, but what matters most is how you conduct yourself and the legal steps after the incident. The above steps could be useful, although the best remedy involves seeking attorney guidance.