What Makes Motocross Such A Good Family Sport?

Motocross is a sport that can have multiple benefits for both parents and kids alike. They offer the kids physical benefits and also much more. They firstly learn about safety, then about the way the bikes operate and probably learn how to play around with the kits. You may have already thought about buying a Yamaha Warrior 350 Bottom End Kit to play around with! So what else is good for them?


MX-Kids get very good coordination

To be able to ride motocross perfectly, children have to learn to do many things at the same time. Simultaneous operation of the clutch, accelerator and brake lever and riding on two wheels off-road trains coordination. Depending on the soil conditions, the body quickly learns to adapt to new conditions. MX-Kids therefore have an above-average and high level of coordination.  They can use these skills in other areas of their life. 

The toughest sport in the world makes MX kids fit

Driving off-road requires a high level of fitness. With the loads that motocross is exposed to, this sport is rightly one of the toughest sports in the world. Many studies have even confirmed: Motocross is the toughest sport in the world. With an average heart rate during a race of 190 beats per minute and more, and the high loads on the body, there are very few sports in which similar loads can be found. MX kids therefore need a very good level of fitness in order to be able to do their sport. It helps keep childhood obesity down, and generally assists their health.

MX-Kids spend a lot of time with the family

Motocross is almost impossible without the family. The parents are responsible for being the team boss, mechanic and main sponsor rolled into one as well as looking after the catering! While in other sports the children are dropped off at the club and the club takes care of the rest, the family spends an above-average amount of time together here. As a family spends a lot of time together, MX-Kids learn how to solve problems with their parents, how to get along and how to win or lose together. Experiencing together and working together towards a goal strengthens the relationship between the child and the parents. An MX-Kid learns to solve interpersonal problems and not to run away from them. It’s a great way for families to bond. 

MX-Kids learn that not everything can be taken for granted

Motocross requires a very high degree of self-organization. While in many sports the children are simply handed over to clubs, in motocross everything from training to registration for the races has to be organized by yourself. While regular training and a perfectly prepared sports field are a matter of course for many children, MX kids really appreciate the fact that practicing their sport is part of an amazing hobby. The children learn very early that not everything is easy to achieve and this helps them work towards every single goal.