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One Subscription Box to Rule Them All

Men’s subscription box services are great. They bring curated collections of cool stuffs right to your door. But after a couple of months, there’s only so many spring shorts or cooking utensils that you need. Every box service has its unique theme, and that theme will invariably get tired. Bespoke Post has seen right through this paradox and offers a service that is so obvious you’ll wish you had thought of it.

Instead of having the same central items or theme each month, Bespoke actually curates a whole group of boxes each with their own individual theme. Cooking supplies one month, beachware the next. There’s nothing to get sick of, because each month you’ve got an entirely new collection at your doorstep. Pretty good idea, right? You can even return boxes you don’t or swap it out for another theme before it is even shipped out to you.

We picked up a Lather box – full of shaving essentials and not-so-essentials. We received a badger hair soap brush, a block of shaving soap, pre-shave oil, and a shaving soap mug that wouldn’t look out of place on a Nantucket whaling ship from the 1800s. Everything is high quality and well thought-out. And after our first shave with everything, my face looks well thought-out too.

We thing Bespoke Post offers something really interesting to the subscription box space, and we think you – our readers – will enjoy it too. As such we’ve persuaded them to give FactoryTwoFour readers a deal. To get 20% your first box, just use the coupon code BOX20 at checkout to enjoy a little something on us. It’s about time someone un-siloed the subscription box thing. Now if only they could send me direct groceries too…