What Does It Mean To Have Extrasensory Perception?

Extrasensory perception or ESP, also known as the sixth sense, involves the processing of knowledge that is perceived through the mind. The major forms of extrasensory perception include telepathy, clairvoyance,  psychokinesis, and precognition. Have you ever had a vision of something, or maybe you can read the thoughts of someone else? Perhaps you had sudden knowledge of the past that you might not have lived through? If so, you may have extrasensory perception. In this writing, we are going to discuss this topic further, what it means to have extrasensory perception.

There are several explanations about what triggers the experience of extrasensory. Many people assume that all humans have a certain degree of extrasensory perception and that on certain occasions we involuntarily undergo extrasensory perception. Others claim that a certain few individuals possess supernatural powers that enable them to access extrasensory awareness, but only while they’re in a different mental state. Most folks who believe in extrasensory perception guarantee that all people possess the potential for extrasensory perception, but a few of us are quite mindful of our abilities than others. Psychics4today.com has a list of ESP abilities and they have characterized every kind of extrasensory perception that can help as a guide to understanding it more. ESP skills come in nine different forms according to the experts, and while some people have one of these gifts, others may have two, three, or even more. 

What is extrasensory perception

It relates to the capability to acquire world knowledge around you without the use of the five natural senses of vision, touch, taste, listening, and smelling. The fundamental concept behind extrasensory perception is that human beings will perceive events that go beyond the established senses’ capabilities. In 1934 Joseph Banks Rhine popularized the term extrasensory perception. The Rhine, at the time a professor at Duke University, performed many studies that he claimed were demonstrating the existence of extrasensory perception, but other scientists have questioned his findings and methods because not everybody believes extrasensory experience exists.

Extrasensory Perception Signs

1. When you know something is going to happen, that is claircognizance. This might not have a visible reference such as goosebumps, but you know even without understanding how you feel. If you encounter anything like this, be alert, change what you do if need be.

2. If you are in the presence of someone you have just met and you get a  bad feeling,  then your sixth sense is working hard to warn you. We communicate at a much more profound level than simple communication and visual interaction with other people. Your subconscious actually knows what this means, and warns you to be careful. It can happen the other way too if you feel a sudden and strong connection.

3. Awareness-raising is someone you should help educate yourself from doing. This is becoming aware of the signals and messages. You’ll be able to provide answers to questions almost instantly by teaching yourself to recognize signals. It’ll become the sixth sense when you grow this to a significant level.

4. Hearing things, particularly voices and those which you can communicate with might be your ESP at work. It is advisable to measure out any other factors, such as mental disorder or depressive symptoms, before coming to that conclusion. You may be a psychic media so jot down what you’re hearing and request with as much detail as possible about channeled force.

5. The much more common signs of sixth sense is a potential danger. It can present in numerous ways to a person such as fine hairs rising on the back of your neck or arms, goosebumps, a sense of dread. Never forget this feeling, get out as fast as possible of the situation.

6. To see inexplicable motion or reflections in your peripheral vision can be a sign of ghostly visits. After you have removed a certain source like the possibility of humans or animals, then don’t be afraid as shadows will do you no harm. Look out for other indications someone attempts to reach you.


Meditation is also a method of enhancing ESP and becoming more profoundly in contact with your innermost self. Many people understand that meditation practice boosts instinctive awareness. Furthermore, affirmations are another great way of improving psychic abilities. Affirmative words can also enable us to solidify our goals and unlock the way to better opportunities. Maintain your senses and feelings monitored, particularly note any increase in picking up odd thoughts or pieces of knowledge.

The idea of paranormal behavior is an area that fascinates many of us. Countless articles, books, and films have been produced on this ideology. Paranormal behavior stories spark our sense of wonder, without letting us know what triggers these interactions. We hope that this information has helped to gain a better understanding of extrasensory perception.