Transform your Garage

How to Transform your Garage into Every Man’s Oasis

If you’re looking to update your garage into a space that houses more than just your gardening tools and vehicle, consider transforming it into a man cave! By bringing in the right pieces and utilizing the space, you can have a large garage converted into a cozy space to relax and escape the days stresses, or to host get togethers for friends and family.

Lay down the carpet

Start with the flooring. If your basement has rough concrete flooring, install carpeting, or purchase an indoor-outdoor area rug for a more cost effective option, and can transform a once dusty garage floor into the foundation for a warm and enjoyable room. Before deciding on a carpet or area rug, do your research on which options will be safe, easy to clean and fit best in the space. Indoor-outdoor carpets are recommended for their durability, and would be best for pets and guests coming in from the outdoors. For the color, it’s best to pick out darker colors like gray or brown. These colors will easily shield dirt and inevitable stains, and will match any furniture that you decide to include. It’s recommended to contact a carpeting professional, but if you choose to tackle this project on your own, here are a few instructions to get you pointed in the right direction.

Insulate and Finish Walls

If you want your room to stay warm throughout the fall and winter, consider refinishing and insulating your walls to keep the heat in throughout the colder seasons. Covering studs, and finishing off your walls will give your room a facelift and be a big step in converting it from an outdoor to an indoor space. You should also consider replacing your garage doors as well. Having an open air garage door look is very modern and lovely for the summer. If you like that feel you should replace your old garage doors with insulated doors that might be pricier, but will lock in warmth. If you would like to forgo the garage door look, you can replace them with large french doors for a classic and cleaned up look. For a more affordable option, invest in durable screen doors to screen in your garage in the summer, and use the overhead garage door in the cooler months.

Fall Back into Furniture

The furniture pieces you bring into your man cave will be the backbone of your new space, so you’ll want to pick the right pieces  that are both comfortable and alleviate any pressure or pain put on your body during your daily routine. You’ll want pieces that will look visually attractive in your space, but that will more importantly, be comfortable and inviting when you need to kick back and relax. Consider living room furniture options that are easy to clean and comfortable as well. The main function of this space will be to enjoy down time, so you’ll want pieces that are conducive to sitting back to enjoy a sports game or movie night.

Neon signs, Posters and More

One of the most enjoyable steps in creating your space will be decorating the walls with posters, plants, and memories that are meaningful to you. This step gives your space a more personalized touch, and gives you complete freedom to decorate with your favorite sports teams, or family momentos. A great staple for any man cave is a decorative neon sign, whether it be customized, antique, or representing your favorite soda or beer brand. This is also a great opportunity to showcase memories of friends and family, memorabilia that you have collected over the years, or mementos of your past like a signed poster or framed jersey. These additions are simple, but will pull your space together, making the space reflect you on a more personal level.

Bring in a Bar

There’s nothing better for your man cave then a mini-bar equipped to entertain you and your guests, even if it is as simple as a refurbished kitchen island and a few comfortable bar stools. If you have the budget for a bigger bar, a beer fridge, wine cooler and sink would also be nice luxuries for your man cave. It gives you the accessibility and convenience of ice cold beverages for you and your friends without having to take up space in a separate refrigerator. Get creative and build a bar out of wood pallets or find vintage furniture at flea markets and antique stores for a more nostalgic design. Be sure to stock up on unique glassware and decanters to accessorize your bar as well, for friends to choose from when entertaining.