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Choosing the Perfect Ring When Diamonds Ain’t Your Thing

In 2018, brides and grooms look for something different when they are choosing their rings, and diamonds are no longer always the first choice. There are plenty of options on the market though, so let’s take a glance at some of the rings you could pick from.

Rings Made From Metal And Wood

This sounds an unlikely combination for wedding or engagement rings, but it is actually very effective. The metal is often something like titanium and the wood from something special such as the USS North Carolina or Jack Daniels barrels. The wood is inlaid into the metal, and each ring is special and unique.

Rings Made From Silicone

This is another material you may think is as unlikely, but silicone wedding rings are very popular because they are so different. The material allows you to choose from many different colors and styles, and they are a lot less expensive than many other options.

Rings With Fingerprints

It is a well-known fact that no two people have the same fingerprints, so having yours inlaid into the gold of your wedding ring will guarantee there is not another one exactly the same. The usual way is to have the fingerprints put into each other’s rings, and this can be done on the outside for everyone to see, or it can be hidden on the inside of the ring.

Rings With Soundwaves

Record both of you saying I do, send it to a jeweler who specializes in making 3D prints of your vows and he will cast them into your wedding bands. This has to be something truly special and unique and something that will always have an incredibly special meaning for both of you.

Rings Made From Wood

These rings, made in Chicago, are each molded from a single piece of salvaged wood. They are reinforced with industrial strength adhesive, which is non-toxic and has no Volatile Organic Compounds. These are the perfect option for couples that are concerned about the environment, and with free refinishing, for the lifetime of each ring, you can be certain they will always look good.

Rings Made By A Tattoo Artist

Now that a lot of the bad feelings towards tattoos has disappeared, having wedding rings tattooed on your fingers is a choice that is becoming more used. Of course, you can have just a plain ring, the date of your wedding or absolutely anything else you desire. They are good for hiding a blemish on your finger and will be there for as long as you want. The beauty of them is that if your finger swells for some reason, there will be no visit to the emergency room to have your ring cut off. The tattoo will just swell with your finger.

These are just a few of the more modern options when you are looking for engagement and wedding rings. The traditional ones are all available as well and now the choice is so huge you may find it difficult to know which one to decide on.