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Understanding The Different Materials for Men’s Underwear

In the majority of cases, the material used in men’s underwear is give little to no thought. In reality, the material of underpants impacts how comfortable you will feel while wearing them. Studies show that the most suitable fabric for men’s underwear is also beneficial to your manhood.

Men's Underwear

There is a big difference between wearing simply comfortable underwear and one that is both comfortable and breathable. While there are many different style options for your comfort, we can’t forget about the fabrics used as this plays a big part in your comfort level too.

Cotton and jersey are the most common fabrics used for underwear by default. Because these two materials supply all the comfort, breathability, and support you require, these are your main options but not oyur only ones. The development of the textile industry has led to the emergence of modern fabrics and styles, including ergonomics men’s underwear with pouch designs.


This underwear is both soft and breathable because it is manufactured from cotton. This is the fabric of choice for men’s underpants.


Jersey is another fabric that has traditionally been used for men’s underpants. This fabric is both lightweight and silky with a completely natural stretch. People that move about a lot should opt for jersey.

However, stretchy underwear should have a high elasticity to ensure comfort. This material will support the waist, hips, and nether regions. It’s exactly when you’re having fun that you’re also working out.

Lyocell Jersey

As an alternative to the classic jersey, the modern version is lyocell (a cellulose derivative). Nanofiber and cotton are combined to make this fabric. Nanofibers contribute to the overall smoothness. Cotton content plays a vital role in maintaining the absorbency of the material.


Nothing can surpass modal when it comes to softness in fabrics. Modal is the primary material used in boxer briefs. The softness of the skin is probably because of this.

However, keep in mind that the modal fabric is not a supportive fabric when you are going out because of its technical nature.


Polyester is a breathable and thin fabric with supportive qualities. Cotton now has stiff competition.

In comparison, polyester is over 50% thinner than cotton. Polyester underwear is a better choice when you’re wearing tight-fitting clothing like jeans.


If you workout, you should wear nylon underwear. When it comes to nylon microfibers, you remain dry even if you’re breaking a sweat like crazy! Additionally, it can retain color. This also ensures that quality is not a concern, which is excellent news for manufacturers.

When choosing the right size of underwear, the size you wear is important. As you cannot try on different underwear pairs in different stores, that option is off the table. Accurate measurements are required.

Comfort is also an absolute must in this instance. If your chosen underwear size moves around, you should consider getting a smaller size the following time. Too tight underwear can cut blood circulation to the lower half of the body, so going up a size would make more sense. Let’s face it: Size does matter when it comes to underwear.