Top Reasons Why Playing A Team Sport Is Great For Your Health

Undeniably it feels good to be part of a team, and now research suggests that being part of a  team can help to boost your health standard and your overall well-being. Team sports are a great way to achieve this, they naturally get you into shape and stay in shape, and also help you to connect with people you may not have had a connection with before. This means you become part of a larger community and social environment as well as looking after your health.

Some of the areas that playing team sports can help with include:

Improves Your Overall Health And Reduces The Risk Of Obesity

There is currently a huge focus on reducing obesity and helping to improve the health of the general population. Obesity is at an all-time high, which means it’s essential to partake in some sort of activity in order to counteract this. Even more so if you send your working life sitting at a desk. You’re on average supposed to try and achieve 150 Minutes of activity a week. Any sort of activity more than your regular movements helps but being part of a team would work even better. Spending time completing some activity each week will help to prevent things such as chronic diseases, diabetes, heart disease, and strokes.

With work and general life getting in the way, it’s not hard to see why people fall behind with the activity they should be doing. Joining a team such as local rugby, tennis or dodgeball team can help you commit to completing it, as you often don’t want to be seen letting the other team members down.

It Can Make You Healthier

People who train with a team tend to be healthier than if they were to train alone, it gives you access to healthcare professionals, advice from others and also motivation to succeed as a team unit. Teamwork is definitely a proven tool for pushing yourself and achieveing higher levels of finess. Of course, there is also the element of competition, you sometimes need to train extra hard to keep a position you like or to have the chance to play matches as others can be fitter than you but a little competition never hurt anyone.

Competition can improve your endurance, taking part in an activity in a routine can help to build your general physical fitness up. Because you’re sticking to a routine you will find that you’re naturally building endurance and in turn, endurance building helps to strengthen areas such as your heart, muscles, and bone mass. These all contribute to optimal health.

Improves Your Self Image

When you feel good about how you look it often helps you feel good about who you are as a person too. You can learn a lot about yourself as a team member and often people who play as part of a team show signs of improved self-esteem. They also report a lot fewer symptoms related to stress, depression and this is all down to the positive social interactions they partake in by being part of a sports team.

Increase Long-term Happiness.

Athletes who play team sports are healthier, happier and more social. They also report being more satisfied with general life. This may be because part of being in a team gives you a sense of belong, something that most adult need. The social interactions that you are subjected to also produce strong feelings of self-identity, which leads to increased happiness. It’s a fact, that exercise naturally releases positive endorphins into ou brains so it’s not surprising that when you play as part of a team and complete this together you end up happier for longer.

Makes You Smarter

It’s been proven that athletes tend to have a grade average than non-athletes and that a considerable percentage of team players graduated from high school so it’s not surprising that being part of a team sport can help with your brain. You will need to take part in things such as team building, research things such as the best basketball plays and think about strategies to help make your team the best so you’re training your brain as well as training your body. It’s also been proven that athletes who play in a team are better at tracking multiple objects at the same time, driving and monitoring complex activities.

These are just the top reasons why playing a team sport is great for your health, there are many more. Do you have any reasons that you can share in the comments section below?