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Top Nine Canadian Gift Tips and Ideas

During the holidays, many people spend a lot of time trying to decide what gifts to give to family members, loved ones, friends, and more. It is always a good idea to give something meaningful and useful, which can be tricky if you aren’t sure what people want. If the person in your life is from Canada or otherwise loves Canada, then a Canadian gift can be the perfect gift! Take a look at the top nine Canadian gifting tips and ideas. 

1. Canada Puzzle

When it is raining outside or people want to have a relaxing day, having a puzzle to work on is a wonderful activity. One gift that you can send people in Canada and abroad is a Canadian puzzle. You can find puzzles ranging from 50 pieces to 1000 pieces, and there are many different scenes. Choose famous Canadian landmarks, Canadian scenery, or Canadian wildlife. No matter what you choose, you can have confidence that it will be a unique gift. 

2. Canadian Gift Baskets

Another great option for Christmas is Canadian gift baskets. You can put together customized baskets, including Canadian wines, cheese, other treats, and more. This is a great way to personalize your gift and give something that you know your recipient will use. Gourmet treats are always a good option, but you can also choose Canadian themed-gifts, sweets, coffee baskets, and more. It is easy to order them; you simply go online and choose what you want to send, and the basket company will take care of the rest. 

3. Maple Syrup

No list of Canadian gifts would be complete without mentioning maple syrup. It is one of the most popular Canadian products, and it is known as a staple of Canadian food. You can get 100% pure Canadian maple syrup sourced from maple trees in Canada, and anyone on your list will love it. You can also get a spin on this gift by choosing maple syrup candies that are hard or soft. You can also choose a creamy maple spread that is delicious on toast. Finally, you can choose maple tea or maple cookies. You have a lot of options if you want to give a taste of Canada to people for Christmas. 

4. Laura Secord Chocolates and Fudge

The best-known producer of chocolate in Canada is Laura Secord, and you can choose a box of delicious chocolates for a gift. This company was founded in 1913 in Toronto and was named for the heroine of the War of 1812, Laura Secord. They have chocolates in many different flavours, as well as fudge, so you can choose something that anyone will enjoy. 

5. Canadian Coffee

Most people drink coffee, whether regularly or on occasion. Coffee drinkers love to try out different coffees from different places. You can send out Canadian coffee, such as Tim Horton’s coffee. This brand is iconic in Canada; it was established in 1964 and started by the famous hockey player Tim Horton. Today, this restaurant chain is the largest in the entire country. You can also combine this coffee with coffee mugs, cookies, or other compatible gifts in a basket. 

6. Canadian Wine

Another great Christmas gift is Canadian wine. The summers in the sunny Okanagan Valley and from the Niagara Peninsula east to Nova Scotia provide conditions that are perfect for growing. There are different major Canadian wines, including Trius, Peller Estates, Inniskillin, and more. You can also find smaller vintners with lesser-known wines. This is another Canadian gift that you can pair with wine glasses or fruits and cheese and create the perfect basket. 

7. Soapstone Carvings

Canada has a known indigenous population, and they have been making soapstone carvings for thousands of years. You can get these carvings as truly authentic souvenirs from some of the first cultures that lived in Canada. They are easy to find and are beautiful pieces of history. They are also durable and easy to ship during the holidays. You can choose animals, totem poles, and other inspiring pieces, and you can take the time to learn about their symbol before you buy them. 

8. Plaid Clothes

Plaid is another iconic Canadian item. Unlike in other countries, anyone can wear it. You can wear a Canadian plaid shirt with jeans, or you can wear plaid pyjamas. If you don’t want plaid clothing, you can try slippers or a blanket. You can even get a scarf, hat, and gloves. The red and black plaid pattern is well known, and you can find something that is perfect for a gift. 

9. Canadian Sports Team Apparel

One thing known around the world is that Canadians love their sports teams. Fortunately, you can find shirts, hats, jackets, and more available for any of your favourite teams. You can share your support by sending out gifts to anyone who shares your love of these teams.