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Great Video for Under $60

It seems like everyone is exclusively sharing videos on social media these days. Finding video content to share online is easy when both the Olympics and Donald Trump are on television in the same day; but for those looking to create their own content, it’s tough to be original without breaking the bank.

I’ve struggled with this for the past 2 months while trying to make original vlog posts for Car-tel Communications. Any smartphone can take video, and newer models can even support 4K, but universal access to video means creating something that attracts more than 10 views on Youtube requires creativity and a unique style.

What you need is $60, an amazon account, and a safe place for your mailman (or woman) to store your precious cargo. The most important piece of equipment is your tripod, because shaky video is terrible video. Amazon recently started to produce their own line of products under the AmazonBasics tagline, and their tripod is top-notch. For under $25 dollars, this 60” tripod is a steal.

Unfortunately, phones do not screw in to tripod mounts like traditional cameras, so you will need to get an adjustable phone adapter. I picked this one because it was recommended for the AmazonBasics tripod. If you made it this far and are thinking, “this only takes horizontal video, and I want vertical video,” we politely ask you to leave now and pick up a different hobby like bird-watching or knitting.

Next, and probably the most important component to creating your own style, is clip on phone lenses. They used to be gimmicks, but now companies like Samsung are jumping into the mobile lens arena because consumers are buying in droves. I like the MPOW 3-in-1 Lens Kit because it comes with a wide angle, macro, and fisheye lens as well as a microfiber cloth and two clips.

Now that you have spectacular video, you need great audio to match. Without purchasing a boom mic, XLR cables, and a recorder, great audio in the field is hard to come by. However, if you are vlogging or interviewing, a good lapel mic connected to the right android app can get the job done. I went with the Royal Voice Lapel Mic connected to the WavePad android app. Bring a friend, borrow their phone, connect the mic and throw it in your pocket. If you adjust the level inside the app your audio should come through crystal clear.

Mobile Video Essentials

Now that you have the gear, it’s time to practice. With a great idea and the right lighting, you should become a YouTube sensation in no time. And while you are lounging in your golden vlogging throne, don’t forget F24 helped you get there!


For optimal mobile video, consider a $60 investment in:

  1. This 60” Tripod
  2. Tripod Phone Adapter
  3. MPOW 3-in-1 Lens Kit
  4. Royal Voice Lapel Mic and WavePad android app