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Top Apparel Brands for Surf Enthusiasts

There’s nothing more relaxing than catching some waves on a nice sunny day, right? Surfing is super fun and it acts as more of a lifestyle than a hobby. Those who surf are usually pretty chill, open-minded and free-spirited individuals, you know the gist of it! If you are an avid surfer who already knows the ins and outs of surfing, you probably at least tried to dress like a surfer. If you don’t really care about clothes and only think about surfing some waves, there’s hope for you too! So forget those washed-up denim shorts, basic tank tops, and dollar store flip flops! The good thing about surf apparel is that you literally can’t go wrong and when getting the items, you are ensured of their comfy levels and the overall quality of the product. All you gotta do is figure out what you need the most. Pants? Dressier stuff like floral button-ups? Some authentic jewelry such as a puka shell necklace? Or are you low on some cool graphic tees? You’ll easily find everything you’re looking for!

Where to Start

So, if you are just starting to get your surf on and are still building that perfect surfer aesthetic, there are easy ways to achieve it in no time. First, you need to take a look at your current wardrobe. What do you have? What do you need to replace for something that fits better with your dream aesthetic? Old flip flops, ten pairs of the same basic shorts and T-shirts… Sound familiar to you? If that’s how your wardrobe looks, it’s time to change it ASAP! There are plenty of ways to incorporate cool and fresh clothing items into your daily outfits without breaking a sweat about it. To put it simply, you just need some core items to work around and build your outfits from there. It’s super easy and fast, you can literally just click here and find everything you’ll need at the tip of your fingers! It’s always best to get everything in the same shop, so you don’t need to look around and all the clothes will look like they are meant to be worn together!

Shoes Exist, Too!

Going barefoot everywhere kind of sounds appealing and pretty carefree, but sometimes you just gotta put on some shoes! But it’s also important to find a good pair of adequate shoes. Forget about those flip flops for a moment and try to get something you could wear on a day to day basis. The heat might concern you and spending all day at the beach with shoes on sounds horrible, but on some occasions, you can slip one some classic Vans or Converse. These shoes scream surf culture and are pretty tied to its history, so you won’t be going off-brand by any means. These shoes are pretty simple, but can add immensely to your surf aesthetic and just dress you up a bit more! If sneakers and shoes still don’t seem appealing, opt for some sandals instead!


Accessorize with the Right Items

This is a little tricky. You know the good old Puka shell necklaces and wrists full of all kinds of different bracelets. It’s all part of the surf history, it was the norm, a symbol if you may. But as time went on, they became tackier and tackier and out of style. Nowadays, it’s preferred to take off some of the jewelry. As the old saying goes, less is more! So, before you go running out of the house with five different necklaces and arms full of bracelets, take some off before you get out the door. If you want to spice up your outfits, try getting some nice glasses or a funky hat to bring the whole outfit together.

It’s okay to not know exactly what you want. Try out different stuff, different brands, and explore a little. Being a surfer means being open-minded and free-spirited, so try to apply a little bit of that in your daily wardrobe routine. On the other hand, you might already have your toes in the surfing waters for some time now and want to switch things up. You can get lost in a sea of different kinds of brands all centered around the surfing world. Remember to check out all your options. There are thousands and thousands of websites and blogs about clothing that can and will be considered a part of the usual surfing aesthetic. Check out some stuff online, be picky at times, but stay open-minded. You’ll build your wardrobe of dreams, one item at a time.