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Advantages of Neon Signs for Your Business

The type of lighting you decide to use in your business is crucial. The lighting will affect the presentation of your business and how others decide to view it. Neon signs have an undeniable effect on people and hence they will leave an impression on those who see them. Neon signage has been a mainstay for business owners ever since it was invented in the1950s. You can now even create a custom neon sign online, to really make your decor personal to you and your business. 

Neon is now a common marketing tool for small businesses and a great lighting option. There are many significant advantages to using neon signs including:

Energy Efficient

Utility bills are a vital expense of any business and reducing the bills will make the business more profitable. A crucial component of the utility bills is the energy bills.

A great advantage of neon is that they are very energy efficient. Neon signs use more than half the electricity that modern signs use.

Moreover, neon lights don’t use their filaments in the same manner as other bulbs. The neon lights are always cool and will rarely if ever, overheat.

There is an urgency to consume less energy and turn to more energy-efficient sources to preserve the environment. Therefore, in addition to making more money, you will also be contributing to environmental conservation.


 Another great benefit of using neon for your business is that neon lights are very durable. They are designed and made with longevity as a key factor since they are going to be placed outdoors. The average lifespan of a typical bulb is between six months and a year. On the other hand, a neon light bulb can easily last for a decade.

Even when a neon light bulb is no longer functional, wiring issues and degradation will not be the cause. Therefore, neon lights in signs require much less sign maintenance and repair than other lights which means fewer expenses.


The number of ways you can use neon light in your business is only limited by your creativity. The versatility of neon lights is one of the reasons why you will see them used in major cities around the world.

Neon lights come in over 100 colors which other bulbs simply cannot match. You can also ask a professional to create custom glass and led neon open signs for you. They can be made into whatever form or shape you would like.

As long as you can imagine it, you can probably do it with neon signs as it regards outdoor and indoor signage for your business. You should be creative and come up with neon signs unique to your business that will set you apart from the competition.


A factor that sets neon lights apart from other forms of lighting you can put up in your business is their beauty. You will hardly pass by a neon sign without being attracted to it.

A neon sign can make a mundane business appear more upscale and upbeat. Neon signs will add an element of creativity in whatever space you place them.

Moreover, there are limitless design options for neon for your business. The design can enhance your brand identity, showcase the architecture of the property or add some artwork to the establishment.

You can use neon to beautify your logo or another aspect of your business. These elements will also be more recognizable and impressionable because of the neon lights.


Nothing will grab the attention of those passing by your business than a neon sign. It is especially so if it is a flashing sign so as far as exterior signage for your business is concerned, neon lights assure you of visibility.

Neon lights are very luminous and exhibit light that cannot be ignored by the human eye. Moreover, the light produced by a neon sign is visible regardless of the weather outside as opposed to other forms of lighting.

A neon sign will be visible at all times of the day which is vital when gaining traction for your business. You also do not need to do much to ensure that a neon light stays on and flashing.


A neon sign is a masterpiece that can be the landmark by which your business is recognized. The signs are beautiful, colorful, and representative of your business which is an easy way of recognition.

It is common for people to recognize certain businesses only because of their flashing neon signs. It is a testament to how powerful a neon sign can be as a landmark for your business.

There are other advantages that a neon sign can offer your business. However, the advantages outlined above should be enough to convince you to at least give neon signs a try. You can then find out the advantages yourself.