Ship Your Car

Easy Ways to Sell an Old Vehicle

Parting with an old vehicle is much like parting with an old friend. It can be difficult to let go, but unfortunately, sometimes, we are left with no choice. Selling your old vehicle often means you are hard-up for cash, and getting the best deal is absolutely essential. It is very important that when you sell your old vehicle that you shop comparatively. 

There are many places where you can sell your car cheap and fast, but often, we do not want to sell our cars cheap and fast. This page will seek to tell you a few easy ways you can sell an old vehicle and still make a good profit.

Sell at a Dealership

While there some who don’t do this practice, a lot of dealerships will buy back cars that they may have sold you. One dealership in Houston, Texas, claims that the best way to sell your car is, in fact, at a dealership. You may not be able to take your car back to its manufacturer’s dealership, however, but if you bought it second-hand or from a dealership that sells cars but doesn’t represent the manufacturer, you might be able to sell it back. Both of the aforementioned dealers will likely cut you a deal and give you the opportunity to sell your car back, albeit for a heavily discounted price.

It can be a very convenient choice to sell your car this way, as listing it online and finding buyers can be a very laborious process. Selling it at a dealership is as simple as pulling up on the forecourt and speaking to the same salesperson that sold it to you in the first place. You may have also developed a relationship with the aforesaid salesperson, meaning you will be able to haggle and get yourself a better deal than you would elsewhere.  

Online Auto Trading Websites

Online auto trading websites are the most popular method of selling an old vehicle. These websites, however, are absolutely inundated with second-hand cars, meaning it can be difficult to bring attention to your own. Selling on these websites means you have to price your vehicle at, ordinarily, a low cost; otherwise, you may not receive any attention. Providing you discount your car, you will likely make a sale very quickly. Auto trading websites put you in touch with third parties, meaning that you will not be insured in case you fall victim to theft or fraud. Be aware of this when using auto trading websites.

Park Your Car Up

A very common method of selling an old vehicle is to park it on a public street, or in a public place, with a sign on its window advertising its sale. This can be very effective and can bring in a lot of customers that may not have actually been looking for a car, but after seeing yours, and its prices, are hooked on it. This also puts your car at risk of theft or vandalism, however, so be careful where you park your car and make sure you have a proper parking permit. Otherwise, you may end up with fines stacking up on your car in your absence.

Car Fairs

Car fairs are another popular method of selling your vehicle. Car fairs, however, are often solely for vintage cars. If your car is vintage, and of a limited number, then taking it to a car fair can be a great way to guarantee interest and make a sale. 

A car fair is a fantastic day out, also, with many attractions and things to do. Taking your car to a car fair may require a permit or an entry ticket, so be sure to ask the venue beforehand how to bring your car in.

Through Friends

Very often, you can find a buyer for your second-hand car through friends or family. Somebody always knows somebody who is looking for a car. The problem with selling through family and friends is that they very often expect you to sell your car to them at a heavily discounted price. For many, this is not an option, and if you cannot bear to haggle with your friends and family, you should stray from this method of selling your car. When selling your car to family and friends, you should tell them you cannot give them a deal, and rather need the money from the car sale. Selling through family and friends, providing you lay down the law as it were, is a great way of getting rid of an old vehicle.

Now you know a few ways you can sell your car second-hand. Selling second-hand cars is for many a career, and a great way to make a profit. Be firm in selling your car, and do not allow people to low-ball you.