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Tools Every Man Needs In His Toolshed

Seeing as how we’ve all gotten the opportunity to spend more time at home, it must have become apparent to a lot of people that getting involved in DIY projects isn’t as hard as it seems. The same goes for DIY fix-ups every now and again. But in order to always be prepared, there are certain tools that are essential and need to be in your tool shed at all times, so when the time comes for you to fix something or make something new, you don’t have to worry about what you do and don’t have.

Here is the list:


If you’re into building things and have really taken to the whole DIY trend, then you obviously work with wood. And to really get the accurate cuts you need, you have to have a router. There are plunge and fixed base routers available, and it really depends on your preference and how good you are to make a decision on which would suit you best. The review at goes over the differences between the two, and this is a great place to start to help you make a decision. Either way, you need one in your life because it doesn’t get easier than this!


If you don’t already have a ladder then this is certainly one of the top essentials for any and every household, regardless of whether you are into DIY or not- you’re going to need it! Find a ladder that folds open so that there’s stability, and also invest in one that extends far enough to reach the roof or gutters should you need to clean them out.


You might not think that this is a tool, but it certainly is one of the most efficient! You need this with you at all times. Multipurpose putty works on pretty much anything under the sun. If you have a leaking pipe, the putty will do the job to seal the deal. A handle falls off a drawer? This putty will hold it in place. The best thing about multipurpose putty is that it is versatile, and so can work on a number of tough materials to hold things in place, just until you’re able to fix it up properly or replace, so this means that they’re great for emergencies.


No tool collection is complete without proper screwdriver sets, and the same goes with nails. Different items around the house that need fixing have an assortment of fixtures. So it only makes sense to be prepared for any and every kind instead of finding yourself stuck. When you get these sets, you make fix up and DIY jobs that much easier to get through.


You need to have a decent set of pliers that come in different shapes and sizes to accommodate the different kinds of jobs you will be carrying out. Pliers are versatile in that they can either hold something for you, or cut, really depending on what you’d like to do.


To really get a DIY job done flawlessly, it is essential to have a proper tape measure on you. You can use it to measure out the size of your project and make sure that it fits into the space that you have it planned for, or you can use it to determine the dimensions of a new item that you’d like to invest in and have custom made.


Glue guns are great because where normal or super glue is lacking glue guns can make up for by miles. This is because they’re not as intense as super glue is, but will definitely hold the materials that are harder to hold together. They’re great for DIY projects and for fixing up little jobs if an item breaks or falls off.

There is a whole world of exciting tools out there that you can use for a variety of jobs. However, the list mentioned here is not just the bare essentials, but they’re good enough to take care of pretty much of any kind of job you might think of, regardless of whether it’s a DIY project that you’re eager to take on, or if it’s something that you need to fix around the house. Having your own tools means that you need to make sure that you take good care of them and store them somewhere safe so that they can last for longer. It’s best to keep them out of the kids’ reach as well.