How Your Mode of Travel Shapes Your Travelling Journey

How you choose to travel on a journey through a country can drastically alter your experience of a country and open up new vistas and encounters. From flights and trains to bicycles and car services, each mode of transport provides its own lens through which to experience life.


By Air

Flying is an efficient way to cover long distances quickly, providing an unparalleled aerial perspective of a country. As soon as you look outside your plane window, the world unfolds before your eyes with mountains here, rivers there, bustling cities below. Yet while air travel offers grand perspectives, it often denies travelers access to intimate details found on the ground such as street food vendors’ aromas, locals’ faces or bustling markets. You might get there quickly but will miss the essence of what lies between.

By Train

Train travel has long been romanticized in literature and film alike. Traveling along scenic routes allows passengers to witness a country unfold before them almost like pages in a book, all the while staying comfortable aboard your carriages and engaging with fellow travelers on board. It provides an ideal balance between speed and immersion, perfect for taking in landscape nuances while maintaining forward movement. Although interactions may be limited between passengers onboard and station stops, creating barriers towards understanding local lifestyle.

By Car

Renting a car gives you complete freedom over your pace and path. Equipped with maps and full tanks of fuel, renting one allows for spontaneous detours as you please, stopping whenever and wherever necessary. Each pitstop becomes an adventure, be it a small village market or picturesque viewpoint not marked on any tourist map. Driving immerses you into the rhythm of the country and offers opportunities for unexpected discoveries that make lasting travel memories. Luxury car hire in Dubai can elevate the experience of road travel to new levels, yet come with their own challenges. Navigating unfamiliar roads, dealing with traffic jams and with long stretches behind the wheel. But for those willing to embrace unconventionality in pursuit of adventuresomeness, the rewards can be immeasurable.

By Bike

Cycling across a country requires both physical fitness and an adventurous spirit. Biking provides an unmatched connection with nature. You feel every gust of wind or change in terrain first hand, plus it forces you to slow down and enjoy every step along your route. As you explore by bike, you will meet locals at roadside stalls, discover hidden trails and fully appreciate the landscape’s subtle nuances. Scenes that were once mere snapshots from behind a car window become experiences to cherish on two wheels. Of course there will be challenges along the way such as fatigue, weather conditions and planning in advance. But these are quickly offset by feeling connected with both nature and people in a more meaningful way.


Your mode of transport when visiting any country can have a dramatic effect on the experience itself. From flying above clouds and rails, to driving on highways and pedaling lanes and paths, each method offers its own set of unique perspectives and experiences. When planning your next journey, ask yourself “how am I looking forward to experiencing the world”? Choosing your mode can make all the difference.