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Important Things To Know When Planning A Party Menu

Food is probably the most important consideration when hosting friends and family for a party. For many people, planning a party menu can be a daunting task. Regardless of how fun your location, party decor or activities are, one thing your guests will probably not forget is the food options you gave them. Creating an ideal menu for many people can be tricky, as your guests may arrive with different expectations. But no matter what you choose to serve, here are some important things you should know when putting together your menu. 

You don’t always have to do the cooking

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You can leave all the hard work for the professionals. Instead of going through the stress of creating your own menu, you can speak with a restaurant or catering service, select foods and drinks you want for your guests, and have them delivered in time for the party. Aside from taking the burden off your shoulders, another great thing about this option is that you can have both food and drinks delivered from a restaurant as a single package. For example, if you decide on Mexican cuisine, you can order food, drinks, and wine from catering companies with special offers such as the Barrio Queen happy hour.  

Seasonal foods are cheaper and fresher

Choosing seasonal food items for your party menu offers two main benefits. First, it helps to lower your food costs. That’s because crops produced seasonally are cost-effective since the farmers invest and harvest those crops in bulk. Sourcing from local stock also means you wouldn’t spend too much on logistics. The second benefit of choosing seasonal items is that they’re usually fresher and taste better. So, when planning your menu, it’s best to consider dishes you can make or serve using seasonal food items. 

Understand the demographics of your guests

In order to plan a proper menu, it helps to know who’s showing up to your party. Contact your guests to get as much information about them as possible, to help you create a more inclusive food menu. The last thing you want is to make anybody feel left out. You can take note of each guest’s age. Doing this will help you create a favorable menu. For example, different foods appeal to different age demographics. You’ll find a younger guest list may prefer mac n cheese and burgers over some exotic delicacies. 

Know your menu style

Party menus come in different types, and you must decide which style will be best for you and your guests. For example, do you want to create a sit-down dinner menu, or do you prefer to go with a serve-yourself buffet? Also, do you want a single-course menu, or would you rather have your guests enjoying several courses throughout the party? 

Think about any possible dietary restrictions

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Find a polite way to ask your guests if they have any dietary restrictions or food allergies you need to know. This way, you wouldn’t end up serving meat-based meals to vegans or triggering allergic reactions in some of your guests. There is always a way to work your party menu around any special dietary request a guest may have.