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Tips for a Stress-Free Online Tutor

Teaching is one of the hardest professions and, indeed, one of the most important jobs. You are the reason for the learning, growth, and development of the students as they become successful human beings. But you might encounter different attitudes and behaviors among students; that’s become your daily struggle in teaching. In the cyber world, becoming an online tutor hits you differently, from many students down to one-on-one sessions only. From a loud noise from a classroom to a shy student. It sounds more relaxing. However, some online teachers are stressed and degrade themselves from becoming online teachers. Here are the tips that will help you become a stress-free virtual teacher.

Don’t degrade yourself

Online tutor jobs nowadays are becoming more efficient, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic started. Many schools are permanently shut down, and some schools are only relying on modules and Zoom meetings, which leads to poor academic ratings among students. And because of that, more parents agree to have their children have an online tutor so they can be more focused on their learning. Yes, parents and students value you as their real teacher, so stop degrading yourself like what others tell you—that you need to work in a public or private school instead of working online. You still fulfill the education you finished as a teacher. The main goal of being a teacher is to teach and give all the knowledge that the students need. And it’s more fulfilling when you see that your students stand out in their academics.

You have a lot of time

You will work in your comfort zone, and you will only work with the freedom to choose your own schedule and students. You can have a balanced lifestyle. And because of that, you can have more time for your family, do chores, or get more jobs. Instead of waking up early, being stuck in school your whole day, and going home late from extracurricular activities at school or from traffic, these will not be your struggles anymore. You are not Cinderella; you don’t need to worry about the time because your clock is not ticking fast anymore.

No supervision from the co-teacher

As an online teacher, you don’t need to deal with co-teachers. You don’t have a supervisor who will monitor your teaching progress. There is no curriculum or instructions for what kind of topics you must teach; there are no lesson plans. You have the free will to teach in any way that you like; you can express and discuss in a way that you know your students can easily get and understand your lessons. You can choose the topics you would like to cover and tailor your teaching to each student. And because this is one-on-one, you can get to know your students very well, and you can give them the learning that they need, depending on how you handle each of them with a different approach depending on their understanding. So no one will be left behind.

Think for your student

You will not feel the stress if you are happy with what you are doing. Come to think of it, if you get this course to be a teacher, it means you love teaching children. Also, you have love for children because you want to guide them to success. So think that students need you like they need their mother. You are working not just because you want to fulfill the oath of being a teacher but because you know you can develop, mentor, and coach them.

Have a happy lesson

Creating good vibes while teaching a lesson to your tutor makes you and your student feel relaxed and comfortable, and this ends up making both of you enjoy the lesson. There is no tension or pressure that may cause you to be stressed. A happy and flexible environment increases the willingness of a student to learn more. And the outcome of this is that it will reflect on you as a cool and great tutor.

You are earning more

Why humiliate yourself because you are working as an online tutor? Why disgrace yourself because you are not working at a university or a high-standard school? Didn’t you know that you were earning more than them? More virtual tutors are paying more than the university and campuses do. One of the highest-paying tutor jobs is for foreign tutors and foreign language tutors. If you are multilingual, you can earn more, and at the same time, you can help your students do well in their studies. Also, think that you have fewer jobs, less stress, and no transportation expenses compared to them.

Becoming an online tutor can be one of the most rewarding careers. This is for people who are passionate about sharing their expertise, helping others, and making a difference. These tips help you to avoid stress and enjoy your career as a tutor.